Be and remain the first voice for mobile privacy by supporting best practices and consumer protection

Privacy in the digital world is increasingly important, and even more so in mobile because of the unique 1:1 relationship between consumers and their mobile devices. The MMA supports the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) initiatives as well as the new efforts emanating from the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

Current Projects

Meets quarterly for global, regulatory and business updates delivered by the Co-Chairs and select member company CPOs, while providing members with ongoing insights and outlooks from pre-eminent industry experts.

Future Direction

The Committee leadership has been advising members on the FCC recent notice of proposed rule making, and the challenges of precise location and the impact on mobile marketing. The proposed rules regarding what constitutes private information (i.e., PII) look a lot like that out of the EU, and committee members are dismayed at this turn of events. Committee leadership recommends that industry PUSH HARD – not lobby – against the FCC proposal, by pointing to the effectiveness of the current regime of CLEAR NOTICE and EASY OPT-OUT. The simplistic regulator point of view on opt-in/opt-out needs to be countered with current self-regulatory efforts (via DAA) that already offer consumers robust choice.

Committee Member Companies Include