The mission of the Mobile Games Program of the MMA is to explore how brands and marketers can best connect with consumers in this unique environment, keeping the attention on providing a positive consumer experience that adds value to the entire ecosystem. The program will focus on best practices for driving consumer engagement, conversions and brand uplift through sponsored content, native ads, value-exchange ads, contextual ads and more

Current Projects

The primary goals of the Mobile Games Program are twofold:

  1. Educate brands, agencies and industry players on the true potential of mobile games to reach and connect with a broad array of consumer audiences;
  2. Establish best practices for engaging mobile gamers in native, contextually relevant ways

Initial Issues to Confront

Today, the stigma around mobile games is beginning to fade, but there remain two critical issues we must still address education on:

  1. Best practices for advertising within mobile games, because if done incorrectly advertising can have an adverse effect on campaign goals, and;
  2. Who the mobile gaming audience is, including their demographics, psychographics and behavioral characteristics.

Future Direction

As we continue to recruit members into this group, we are keen to get more Mobile Game companies involved, as well as those that buy and sell mobile games ads

Committee Member Companies Include