Data, Privacy, Context and Delight: The opportunities and challenges for marketers

MMA Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Council brings together various experts in the IoT, marketing and technology fields and will examine the impact that IoT technologies, such as wearables and connected products, will have on marketing and change the way brands create products and services to interact with consumers.

Current Projects

Connected Objects Working Group – Co-Chaired by Lauren Moores of Dstillery and Patty Britton of Thinfilm. Building on the Strategic Framework, outlining the goals and plans for this group, the group is focused on helping brands articulate and support a value proposition that both brands and consumers can relate to.

Using a “Why-What-How” framework that was circulated, the group agreed to prepare and send to MMA current use cases, with or without named brands, so we can discuss what is the value proposition, and what the implications are for both consumers and brands. This effort should result in a white paper and webinar later this year.

Future Direction

MMA members are welcome to join in this ongoing examination of the emerging consumer engagement opportunities inherent in the IoT space.


Interested in participating in the MMA’s Internet of Things Incubation Council? Notify us of your interest.


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