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MMA Internet of Things (IoT) Incubation Council brings together various experts in the IoT, marketing and technology fields and will examine the impact that IoT technologies, such as wearables and connected products, will have on marketing and change the way brands create products and services to interact with consumers.

The Internet of Things: A Guidance Report on Consumer-Facing Connected Objects

With each technological advancement in the last few years, we’ve become more connected with one another and the world around us – and the physical world is starting to communicate back with us. At the dawn of this new era defined by the Internet of Things (IoT), we find ourselves connecting with the physical objects that surround us in our everyday lives, from our clothing to our beverages to our cars.

For marketers like ourselves, this instantly expands our worldview, capabilities, and opportunities. With this in mind, the MMA, the Internet of Things Incubation Council and the members of the IoT Connected Objects Working Group are proud to release our new Internet of Things Guidance Report. This introductory whitepaper will provide brands, retailers, and agencies a baseline understanding of the opportunities created by the IoT. Companies that jump into the Internet of Things now will quickly gain a competitive advantage over their peers – increasing customer satisfaction and product adoption, while streamlining business operations with new, actionable data. Read the report and get to work on your organization’s IoT strategy today.

Download the full document here and let us know your thoughts and suggestions for other mobile topics by writing to committees[at]mmaglobal[dot]com.

Current Projects

Connected Objects Working Group – Co-Chaired by Reveal and Thinfilm. Building on the Strategic Framework, which outlines the goals and plans for this working group, the group is focused on helping brands articulate and support a value proposition that both brands and consumers can relate to. The group has produced their first white paper, “A Circle, Not a Funnel:
 The Role Mobile Plays 
In the Consumer Decision Journey” which was released at the end of June 2017. Please download it here.

Future Direction

The Working Group will change composition depending on the topic. While we envision the next areas to include the connected home and the connected car, this is subject to member interest and support. If you have agenda ideas you would like us to consider please email us at committees[at]mmaglobal[dot]com.

Interested in participating in the MMA’s Internet of Things Incubation Council? Reach out now.

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