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The MMA has been evaluating the needs of the market regarding video in mobile as we seek ways to help brand marketers better understand the high value that mobile video advertising brings to the mix. SMoX studies underscore this, and both our buy side and sell side members need to take advantage of this unique media path within mobile. With a new agenda taking shape, we want to kick-off this re-vamped program at the MMA Mobile Video Leadership Forum on March 21, 2017 in NYC.

Being Smart About Mobile Native Video – The New 2017 Guidance Report

Video as a medium is not only surging ahead of other mobile advertisement realms, it is also doing better than regular television ads. Findings from MMA’s SMoX research suggest that mobile video is 3X more effective than TV and digital video. At the current competitive pricing, shifting some budget from cable TV to mobile video will optimize ROI and be a great investment for marketers.

The MMA and the MMA Mobile Native Advertising Committee are proud to release the Guidance Report on this important aspect of mobile native – mobile native video. This report is focused on educating marketers about the best ways to leverage mobile video as a storytelling tool in the mobile-first native environments.

Look for more news and activities from the Mobile Video Committee early in 2017. Also, plan to register and attend our first Mobile Video Leadership Forum, March 21st, 2017 in New York City.

Read the full document here and let us know your thoughts and suggestions for other mobile topics by writing to committees[at]mmaglobal[dot]com.

Current Projects

The new direction for this program will concentrate on a few issues in step-wise fashion. First up will be addressing “vertical video” - what it is, how it works and what best practices are emerging. We will then consider programmatic mobile video and the unique challenges that are present there. After these issues, we will begin to tackle performance video, value exchange video and maybe even some emerging novelties such as 360, VR and AR.

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