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The MMA has been evaluating the needs of the market regarding video in mobile as we seek ways to help brand marketers better understand the high value that mobile video advertising brings to the mix. SMoX studies underscore this, and both our buy side and sell side members need to take advantage of this unique media path within mobile.

The Buyers Lexicon for Mobile Video

As video has emerged as one of mobile’s most engaging ways to reach consumers, the number of video formats and features has exploded.

But along with innovation, there’s confusion, which is why the MMA and its Mobile Video Committee have created The Buyers’ Lexicon for Mobile Video.

Featuring input from some of mobile video’s key players, it’s a handy reference guide that will help buyers understand this exploding, and complex, space. The Lexicon includes definitions and visuals of more than two dozen video placements, features and playback options. You’ll learn:

  • What differentiates Augmented Reality from Virtual Reality Video.
  • How Out-stream and Native Formats are similar – and how they aren’t.
  • When marketers are using Value-Exchange Video.

Download it here, and use it more easily navigate the mobile video space.

Being Smart About Mobile Native Video – The New 2017 Guidance Report

Video as a medium is not only surging ahead of other mobile advertisement realms, it is also doing better than regular television ads. Findings from MMA’s SMoX research suggest that mobile video is 3X more effective than TV and digital video. At the current competitive pricing, shifting some budget from cable TV to mobile video will optimize ROI and be a great investment for marketers.

The MMA and the MMA Mobile Native Advertising Committee are proud to release the Guidance Report on this important aspect of mobile native – mobile native video. This report is focused on educating marketers about the best ways to leverage mobile video as a storytelling tool in the mobile-first native environments.

Look for more news and activities from the Mobile Video Committee early in 2017.

Read the full document here and let us know your thoughts and suggestions for other mobile topics by writing to committees[at]mmaglobal[dot]com.

Current Projects

The new committee has been meeting since April 2017 and is initially focusing on two things: 1) updating the Mobile Video Lexicon so that it reflects the latest formats and streamlines their definitions, and; 2) develop a Guidance Report on Vertical Video. Working Groups are taking shape against both of these efforts and all interested members should connect directly with leo[at]mmaglobal[dot]com to get involved.

Committee Member Companies Include