Mobile Shopper Marketing | Mobile Marketing Association

Shopper marketing has evolved from sales promotion, coupons and incentives to a data-driven embrace of consumer touchpoints along the path to purchase. Online behavior and eCommerce upped the ante, as consumers have come to expect personalization and custom attention from brands and retailers. Mobile is creating another paradigm shift as consumers manage all aspects of their lives via their mobile device. The MMA will continue to explore and try to make sense of this robust area of mobile.

Current Projects

The group has a two-pronged effort underway: a glossary of definitions pertinent to this area and a “mobile moments of truth” analysis of how, when and where consumers are using mobile to interact with brands and retailers. These two efforts should provide us with the grounding we need to identify emerging challenges and opportunities within mobile shopper marketing. These are scheduled to be released in conjunction with the MMA Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum May 9-10, 2017.

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