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Shopper marketing has evolved from sales promotion, coupons and incentives to a data-driven embrace of consumer touchpoints along the path to purchase. Online behavior and eCommerce upped the ante, as consumers have come to expect personalization and custom attention form brands and retailers. Mobile is creating another paradigm shift as consumers manage all aspects of their lives via their mobile device. MMA launched this program with a March 10th webinar featuring Matthew Parry, Senior Director Shopper Marketing, at Walmart.

Program Launch

Our first step is define what mobile shopper marketing means to us and have members validate what it means to them via a survey; we intend to present the findings of the survey at the MMA event at the end of Sept. In the meantime, Ubimo and the MMA will be working on a 6-month plan to organize the structure of the committee, the leadership, the agenda and the planned deliverables.

Future Direction

Coming out of the launch webinar, we are adopting the theme of “mobile moments of truth” that apply to consumers in their path to purchase, the goal is to define how mobile can improve path to purchase.

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