O2: Priority Moments for Independent Business

Campaign Summary

Priority Moments for Small Businesses is the latest evolution of O2’s Priority customer loyalty proposition. The service was configured to meet the needs of small businesses, delivering a risk-free entry point into mobile marketing. O2 also found a way to position itself as more than a telephone provider; O2 is now a business partner to local shops and services. Priority Moments Local also presents a better way to connect customers to exciting, unique deals in their area, making O2 a valuable contributor to local business.

Strategy and Execution

The primary objective is to make O2’s location-based deals service more rewarding for its customers, especially small businesses, and to find new and easy ways to attract and retain customers among independent businesses across the U.K.

Priority Moments Local is a robust and accessible mobile marketing service created for small businesses. It takes just three minutes for a business to create an offer on Priority Moments. O2 processes the offer and it goes live in 24 hours. The offer can be managed, controlled, and updated by the business at any time, and the service is specifically designed to be as flexible and responsive as possible.


Prior to the launch, O2 invited over 250 small businesses to experience the new service. Participants noticed an increase in customer footfall, enabling them to build and foster new customer relationships.
Today, approximately 17,000 small businesses are active on Priority Moments Local, translating into more deals for O2 customers. O2 is now an official partner to local businesses, helping them transform the way they do business and enabling them to serve as a contributor to boosting the U.K. economy.

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