Quiznos: Satisfying Hunger with Geo-Targeted Ads

Campaign Summary

To better target consumers between the ages of 18 and 34, sandwich shop Quiznos set out to time its mobile message delivery to when people were inclined to start thinking about their next meal. Quiznos wanted to maximize mobile advertising ROI by better defining its target audience to include candidates more likely to convert by combining location (i.e., within three miles of a store) and behavioral data (e.g., at a local movie theater).

Strategy and Execution

Quiznos’ strategy combined location and behavioral data to get the most ROI from its mobile advertising campaign. Key to the campaign’s success was identifying who, where, and when Quiznos was targeting. Research shows that 80 percent of purchases are planned, which is why Quiznos delivered mobile ads to targeted users when they were planning their meals.

Quiznos used proprietary technology to analyze mobile users’ location patterns in order to build anonymous profiles on shopping habits and behavioral attributes, including visits to quick-serve restaurants. This enabled the brand to only deliver its message to the most relevant consumers while being more efficient and effective with its mobile advertising spend. Banner ads leading to a landing page with a redeemable coupon offer, the address of the nearest Quiznos, and “click-to-map” functionality to guide consumers to the store were delivered to this refined target audience. 


The campaign resulted in 3.7 million impressions and a 20 percent increase in coupon redemptions, compared to similar campaigns across the country that did not include mobile.

Categories: Mobile Couponing, Location | Industries: Restaurants, Fast Food, Grocery Stores | Objectives: Location Based | Awards: Finalist