Quantum Receptivity: Targeting "When" Shoppers Are in the Purchase Cycle | MMA Global

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT

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For decades, advertising has relied on demographics to determine audience. But in 2016, demographics simply don't tell the whole story. Proximity tools like beacons have added the element of context to audience targeting, and now, the element of timing. Early campaigns indicate that targeting people based on "when" they are in the purchase cycle could lead to significant results.

The next big thing in advertising will determine when -- not just who and where -- shoppers are in the path to purchase. This webinar will explore how to target consumers at the perfect time, based on their offline shopping habits.

  • Beacons currently provide us with the most accurate, actionable location data available. By pairing this tech with app scale, we can source the data we need for receptivity programs. 
  • By looking at accurate location data at scale + time, marketers can target audiences based on "when" they are in the purchase cycle. 
  • Targeting by "when" has the potential to create a more efficient spend for marketers, because it eliminates wasted dollars when consumers are disengaged. 
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