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Here comes a Merry Mobile Christmas!
Over half of consumers due to buy Christmas gifts via mobile, with 73% mobile shopping for the first time
BuzzCity Mobile Ad Network latest research predicts 2012 will be biggest year yet for Christmas shopping via mobile

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ScanLife releases its Q4 2011 ScanLife Trend Report, which looks at the busiest quarter of the year for mobile barcodes, and draws comparisons between 2011 and 2010. The data in this report was pulled from the ScanLife Reporting Platform; it represents traffic from both two dimensional barcodes (i.e. QR Codes) and UPC barcodes. The report shows that the momentum gained over the last two years shows no signs of abating, with Q4 2011 seeing more scans than all of 2009 and 2010 combined. It also includes data about user demographics, marketer adoption, and media placement.
When embedding a 2D barcode in an advertisement, a mobile barcode can create an immediate, personalized connection which can engage, educate, and convert consumers. As a result, 2D barcodes is rapidly becoming an essential part of the marketer’s toolkit. The purpose of this document is to help marketers maximize the performance of their barcode campaigns by providing them a list of basic best practices. For the sake of simplicity, this document will focus on the open standard QR Code format commonly used around the world.