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Authored by Aditya Swaminathan, Associate Vice President, Paytm Ads - PART 2

Testimonial Received for MMA Member Meet

Congratulations and thank you for the MMA [Member Meet] event in Mumbai. It was my first and has made a lasting impression on how well it was conducted. Have been to many industry events and been a panellist in a few but the one we all had was unique. Just wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate and wish luck for all such future events. Look forward to the active invitation and participation from Truecaller. 

VP - Global Marketing Operations

Vietnam Ureka Media Co., Ltd.

Consumer experience is changing rapidly and expectations are evolving, with consumers now expecting a personalized experience across every brand and channel. To adapt to this environment, organizations need to focus on acquiring consumer data and developing a robust and privacy-respecting data strategy. The power of consumer data has given rise to a multibillion-dollar industry that touches all organizations in the world.

March, 2023
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August 2023 | Ho Chi Minh CIty
March 2023 | Ho Chi Minh CIty

Xapads Media, India’s leading programmatic Adtech platform has appointed veteran marketing expert and business leader Vishal Singh as the Country Head for the India market. In this role, Vishal will be responsible for creating new business opportunities and continuing strong relationships with the existing clients.

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