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Nabd, the premier platform for Arabic content, is proud to announce the launch of its Self-Serve Nabd Ad Manager (available at, designed to empower businesses to effectively reach and engage with millions of Arabic audiences worldwide, in a transparent and cost efficient manner, while leveraging Nabd’s unique advertising solutions and targeting capabilities.

Diverse Campaign Options for Targeted Objectives

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As the dawn of a New Year unfolds, founders and entrepreneurs find themselves at the precipice of innovation and evolution. The landscape of marketing is ever shifting, evolving, demanding a keen eye for emerging trends and a proactive approach to stay ahead of the curve.

In the realm of performance and content marketing, the winds of change are blowing strong, and as the founder of a dynamic enterprise, it is imperative to not only ride these winds but also harness their power for unprecedented success.

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Once upon a time in the vast digital realm, there lived a group of savvy individuals who discovered a secret path to financial success—the kingdom of affiliate marketing. In this enchanting land, where clicks turned into gold coins, they learned five crucial lessons that paved the way to prosperity. Gather around dear readers, as we embark on a tale of wisdom and fortune in the magical world of affiliate marketing.

InMarket’s 2022 Grocery Fidelity Index reports uncover the quarterly productivity and assess consumer loyalty across major grocers—including H-E-B, Publix, and Kroger—in 2022. 


Download the reports today and unlock powerful insights including:

  • Which grocers were the most productive in 2022 
  • How visitation to new grocery store locations compared to existing store locations in the fourth quarter
  • What GeoTypes are the most frequent visitors at the top grocery 

And more!

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Pelin Akil Altan and LC Waikiki came together for a special collection designed based on the unique bond between mothers and their children.


Motherhood... Beyond everything,  is a story that is rewritten every day... Actress Pelin Akil Altan tells this unique story with a unique collection she designed together with LC Waikiki. Linalin by Pelin Akil x LC Waikiki Collection, which consists of special pieces, takes its inspiration from the unique colors and textures of nature.


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Quaero's Multi-Screen Optimization Checklist

If you are pushing content that is suitable only for desktop, then you are in trouble. In this increasingly "mobile-first" world, people are expecting content to be optimized regardless of what screen they are on. Consumers are traveling from mobile, to tablets, to desktop, and back to mobile again - perhaps in the span of 30 minutes! 

Pinterest research study
As Pinterest rolls out its paid advertising model, Promoted Pins, many marketers are thinking about getting in on the platform now, or in the near future. Ahalogy brings you answers to important questions about this new marketing opportunity: Who is the Pinterest consumer? How do they use the platform? How do they use the platform on mobile devices? And, are they ready for brand marketing activity and Promoted Pins?
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Your customers are finding you faster than you can find them.

It’s what content marketing is all about: giving consumers reason to find you and reason to stay with you; accumulating useful content upon which to build a partnership of trust.

But in today’s attention-deficient world, you can’t count on consumers to engage with your content for more than moment, (and that’s if you’re lucky). They forget. They get distracted. They find a competitor’s site instead.