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Pelin Akil and LC Waikiki Meet in a Nature Inspired Collection: Linalin by Pelin Akil x LC Waikiki

October 27, 2022

Pelin Akil Altan and LC Waikiki came together for a special collection designed based on the unique bond between mothers and their children.


Motherhood... Beyond everything,  is a story that is rewritten every day... Actress Pelin Akil Altan tells this unique story with a unique collection she designed together with LC Waikiki. Linalin by Pelin Akil x LC Waikiki Collection, which consists of special pieces, takes its inspiration from the unique colors and textures of nature.


Classic designs meet with a modern approach in the collection, which offers special combinations for mothers and daughters to dress together. The collection, prepared for mothers and daughters, stands out with its patterns with floral motifs, shirred ruffle details and curved cuts.


With her mothermood experiences, actress Pelin Akil Altan brings her insights and needs together on mother and child clothing to this collection with LC Waikiki. The collection represents a special world appeared from the unique bond between mother and children, with the theme of fairy tale concept.

Linalin by Pelin Akil x LC Waikiki, a special collection bearing the signature of popular actress Pelin Akil Altan is available at and selected LC Waikiki stores. The first collection of the Pelin Akil x LC Waikiki collaboration will last for a year and its the beginning of many more.


The digital communication partner of LC Waikiki in this cooperation is Stay Influence, a digital content and influencer marketing agency. 

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