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Nabd Launches Self-Serve Ad Platform for Tailored Advertising Solutions

February 6, 2024
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Nabd, the premier platform for Arabic content, is proud to announce the launch of its Self-Serve Nabd Ad Manager (available at, designed to empower businesses to effectively reach and engage with millions of Arabic audiences worldwide, in a transparent and cost efficient manner, while leveraging Nabd’s unique advertising solutions and targeting capabilities.

Diverse Campaign Options for Targeted Objectives

Nabd Ad Manager empowers advertisers to choose from multiple campaign types, each aligned with distinct objectives. Whether the aim is to boost brand awareness, drive traffic, generate conversions, or engage users at a deeper level, the platform's unique suite of ad executions and targeting capabilities enables brands to launch and manage campaigns that achieve tangible results with effective ROI.

Engaging the Right Audience with Nabd’s Intelligent Content Curation

With Nabd's rich ecosystem of content (including personalized news, live football scores, interactive mind games, real-time financial markets data, weather forecasts, live TV streaming, health, travel, sports, fashion, entertainment content, and more), brands can ensure their marketing campaigns reach their intended audiences consuming relevant and premium brand-safe content, provided by Nabd’s cherry-picked content partners. Leveraging Nabd's machine-learning recommendation algorithms, Nabd Ad Manager ensures ads are seen and engaged by users most likely interested in such ads.

"The introduction of Nabd’s Self-Serve Platform marks a new chapter for digital advertising in the Arabic-speaking world. We're dedicated to equipping businesses, regardless of their size, with the means to deploy powerful, focused ad campaigns that resonate with their target audience," said Abdur-Rahman El-Sayed, CEO at Nabd. "This platform goes beyond traditional ad management; it's a powerful bridge for connecting brands with their audiences through unprecedented precision and a personalized approach that's pioneering in the region."

Real-Time Analytics for Informed Advertising Decisions

Nabd Ad Manager sets a new standard for transparency and control in digital advertising in the region with its real-time live reporting feature. This allows advertisers to monitor the performance of their campaigns as they unfold, providing up-to-the-minute data on reach, engagement, and conversion metrics. By having immediate access to this information, brands can make data-driven decisions, adjusting strategies on the fly to optimize their campaigns and maximize both impact and ROI.

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Nabd is the leading Arabic content platform, offering personalized Arabic news and content to its users worldwide. With a user base of over 30 million, Nabd has established itself as the preferred destination for Arabic content consumption. The platform provides an extensive range of features, including personalized news, live match scores, football schedules, real-time financial markets data, weather forecasts, live TV streaming, entertaining video feeds, and engaging word games. Nabd is accessible through the Nabd mobile app for iPhone and Android devices as well as on the web via the portal