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SMARTIES Unplugged South Africa Virtual 2022

There’s no doubt that technology has fundamentally changed marketing; today’s marketers need to think like data scientists, understand the fragmented customer buying cycle and deliver better returns to the business than ever before. This while managing a plethora of new digital channels and the challenge of bridging the digital skills gap. Adaption to the ‘Third Connected Age’ - the shift from search and e-commerce and mobile and social to AI, IOT, Voice Interfaces and 5G – has become undoubtedly key.

Our team of industry experts will take a closer look at ‘skilling for the new norm’ and its perspective in digital pathways and skills of the future. Our panelist will debate the digital agency of the future as well as a more broader undertaking in the SA economy to understand the specific digital skills that will take SA forward as industries progress and digitize - key to this is the link to the digitally driven CMO.


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