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Friday, October 25, 2019

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

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Welcome speech by MMA Board

9:10 AM – 9:30 AM

From a blink to a heartbeat - Do You Have a "First Second Strategy"?

How much time does an ad need to stay on a mobile screen in order to be seen? Do consumers process information differently in mobile compared to desktop? Can marketers boost attention and cognition of their advertising by increasing exposure time? The answers to these questions may surprise you. In this session Rohit Dadwal will present new findings from a groundbreaking neuroscience and eye-tracking study that was conducted to address these questions and will discuss its implications in terms of creative and media planning.

MMA Board Member and Managing Director APAC

9:30 AM – 9:50 AM

Walking In The Best Lit Neighbourhoods Is The Best Way Of Keeping Safe

Advertisers are forecasted to lose $ 42 billion of advertising spend globally in 2019 to issues focusing on ad fraud. In Asia Pacific alone, US$ 17 million is being lost to ad fraud on a daily basis. Vietnam is facing the risk of ad fraud at 21% app installed ad fraud rates. Indonesia is found to be a target of fraudsters due to its significant scale and pay-out volumes

Chairman Emeritus
Mobile Marketing Association

9:50 AM – 10:10 AM

Performance by Havas

The Future of Entertainment 

The digital era has revolutionized the field of entertainment. In addition to technological advances such as CGI and augmented reality, we have been seeing fundamental changes in how people consume and consider entertainment. Rather than relegate it to the fringes of our lives, entertainment is now something we carry along with us and access virtually all day, every day, whether streaming music or podcasts, scrolling through videos or Instagram posts on our phones, or immersing ourselves for hours on end in massively multiplayer online games. Entertainment now sits at the center of our existence. In early 2019, Havas Group explored the fundamental shifts that are transforming how people think about and experience entertainment. The study draws on the attitudes and behaviors of different groups of audience in 37 countries, with a focus on Prosumers, the leading-edge influencers and market drivers whom Havas has been tracking for more than 15 years. Among the insights revealed by the global study: 
• Entertainment is now as critical as health
• The real value of entertainment lies in its ability to enrich and transform

Managing Partner
Havas Vietnam

10:10 AM – 10:40 AM

Panel 1

Mobile Games - The New Paradigm for Digital Advertising

Session on Insights and behaviours of mobile gamers in Vietnam and how should brand marketers leverage it

Tan Hiep Phat Beverage Group
Senior Media Manager
Heineken Vietnam
Digital Director
The Coffee House
Managing Director - Agency Business
AnyMind Group

10:40 AM – 11:00 AM


11:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Panel 2

Ad Quality in a Digital Age

Nearly 60% of marketers think Ad Quality - including Brand Safety, IVT and Viewability - poses a serious problem in our industry. This session will address several pointers such as:
* Driving Accountability in Ad Quality
* How Ad Quality is about more than just Brand Safety, IVT and Viewability - SPO, creative formats, and clean data also play a crucial role
* Which CXO in the organization is responsible for Ad Quality?
* Is there a need to have a policy covering Ad Quality in an organization?
Experts on this panel help us strengthen our understanding of Ad Quality best practices & tackle issues of accountability.

Head of eBusiness & Marketing Integration
Partner – Digital Strategy
Mindshare Vietnam
Head of Agency Business
Cốc Cốc
Product Strategy Director APAC
Integral Ad Science
Senior Vice President, APAC

11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

One of the best mobile marketing campaigns at the Smarties Vietnam 2019

Bond Club - Colorbond's Data Driven B2B CRM

Bond Club - Colorbond's Data Driven B2B CRM

BlueScope x BlueSeed x PDA
We've reinvented our B2B digital approach as revolution in customer communication, in which we define our core TA thru Bond Club platforms.
With attractive key hooks, we expose them to the benefits and collect all insights to a smart database.
The 2-ways engagement drives qualified sales leads with considerably increased conversion rates.  

Head of Digital and Marcom
NS BlueScope Vietnam

12:00 PM – 13:10 PM

Lunch & Networking

13:10 PM – 13:30 PM


With Southeast asian consumers using their smartphones 3.7 hours per day, and 97% of commerce still occurring offline, southeast asian marketers are leveling up their abilities to design customer journeys that span consumers' online and offline worlds. New O2O capabilities in market are enabling brands to engage, serve and supply their consumers in new innovative ways. Explore examples of ways brands are getting closer to their customers.

Regional Head, Strategy & Partnerships

13:30 PM – 13:50 PM

Inventing the Future

Future lifestyle living is in our hands. How to invent the future.

Global Interactive Director
Business Development Director
Hakuhodo Digital Vietnam

13:50 PM – 14:10 PM

The Audio Surround Sound

Audio bends around our lives, but that doesn’t mean it’s background noise. Those screen-free moments are frequently the most meaningful in our day. With music streaming and playlists in particular, we can match our every mood, mindset, and activity — our context — with exactly the right score. All of this is great news for advertisers looking to reach highly engaged audiences in an impactful way — audio’s ubiquity allows you to fill otherwise unreachable gaps in the consumer’s journey, while streaming’s emotional quotient means we’re receiving new signals about individuals’ real-life context. Plus, a fun side effect: if we’re listening on-the-go, we’re likely not stopping to mute a 15-second ad, and we’re certainly not walking away from the TV to cram in a chore during a commercial break.

Deputy Managing Director

14:10 PM – 14:30 PM

One of the best mobile marketing campaigns at the Smarties Vietnam 2019

A Pioneering Way To Connect With Premium Audiences In Vietnam

Philips premium products are priced above the average and not everyone can afford them. So how do you find the right audience (premium millennials who residing in upscale apartments) that were most likely to consider a Philips product? How do you target only those exact users for whom our products were going to be most relevant?

Country Digital Manager & Category Marketing Lead
Philips Personal Health

14:30 PM – 14:50 PM

Personalization & the future of messenger marketing: the bots evolve

Chatbots distracted: In recent years, messenger marketing has largely been about gimmicky chatbots

Messenger is about personalication comms: There's a bigger opportunity for messenger to personalize CRM-type communications

Our approach to personalization: Personalization is about relevance; Ogilvy's three levels of personalization

Its Limits: Personalization doesnt always make sense - Sometimes its better to reach eveybody with the same message

Look to China for Future (H&M): Case study: learning from Wechat/China and our work on H&M

A bit closer to home (Huggies): Case study: learning from FB/Vietnam and our work with Huggies.

Vice President, CE&C, South East Asia

14:50 PM – 15:10 PM

Awakening and Journey of Digital Transformation

VUCA world and disruptive nature of technology and social/generational change
Disruption in the Nutrition/FMCG category
Digital Transformation from the top
9 Box exercise for Digital Transformation
Future proofing ways of working

General Manager / Co-chair MMA Vietnam
Abbott Vietnam

15:10 PM – 15:20 PM


15:20 PM – 15:40 PM

One of the best mobile marketing campaigns at the Smarties Vietnam 2019

Coca-Cola Uplift Vietnam AR

Football in Vietnam remains a source of great excitement for the everyone, but also this is a passion point that many brands have been leveraged on and communicated to consumers. How Coca-Cola’s communication can stand out from the clutter and provide a meaningful engagement with consumer. By leveraging Digital and Augment Reality technology, the brand is able to uplift the emotions of ordinary supporters in football moments through immersive experiences and bringing in personalization at the same time.   

Cross Platform Communication Associate Director

15:40 PM – 16:10 PM

Panel 3

Vice President of Marketing's Perspectives – Marketing with Purpose

This special session will bring you a holistic view of marketing with purpose and how brands leverage technologies to bring more initiatives for their business and marketing development. Importantly the panelists will reveal some marketing implications for your next year marketing plan.

Chief Marketing Officer
Fe Credit
Senior Vice President of Marketing
Suntory PepsiCo Vietnam
Deputy CEO
Kowil Fashion (Phu Thai Holding)
Publicis Groupe

16:10 PM – 16:40 PM

Panel 4

Data Driven Marketing - C-level's Perspectives

Data-driven marketing is not just about either data or marketing . It is a marriage of both the left and the right brain. Marketing transformation using data will #shapethefuture in driving growth & consumer engagement.

General Manager / Co-chair MMA Vietnam
Abbott Vietnam
CEO - International Markets
Chief Marketing Officer
Dentsu Aegis Network

16:40 PM – 17:00 PM

Friso - Ecommerce Journey on Lazada platform

E-commerce journey-Friso has been awarded as Best in mother and Babies category and its campaign has featured as online marketing case study by David Hu, Regional Marketing Solutions, VP of Lazada

Head of Performance
Performance Media Manager
FrieslandCampina Vietnam

17:00 PM – 17:20 PM

Digital Economy 2019 report for Vietnam

Industry Sale Head

17:20 PM – 17:40 PM

One of the best mobile marketing campaigns at the Smarties Vietnam 2019

Infection Alert System - Lifebuoy

A data-driven initiative enabling Lifebuoy to fulfill its mission to stay ahead of infections. A disease alert dashboard in collaboration with Google to send customized targeted alerts and health care tips to brand’s audience in different provinces/cities of Vietnam, based on forecast of popular hygiene-related disease outbreaks.

Category Business Director – Skin Care
Unilever Vietnam

17:40 PM

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