Monday, December 11, 2023

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MMA Global

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Opening Remarks

PepsiCo Digital Excellence & Consumer Loyalty Director | MMA Türkiye Chair
RVD Chair | Active Chair Emeritus
MMA Turkiye

9:15 – 9:20


Meeting with AI

AU Inova Lab

09:20 – 09:30

NEXT! in Sustainable Digital Transformation

Pioneering Sustainability: Navigating Digital Transformation for a Better Future

Experience an exclusive interview session at SMARTIES NEXT CONFERENCE '23 as we delve into "Next! in Sustainable Digital Transformation." In this captivating discussion, Dicle Yurdakul interviews the visionary CEO of Group DP, the creator of the revolutionary Cypien platform.

Uncover the secrets behind sustainable digital transformation as our CEO guest shares their invaluable insights and experiences. Gain a deeper understanding of the ethical considerations, environmental impact, and stakeholder engagement involved in driving sustainable change.

Discover how organizations can harness the power of digital technologies to foster sustainable growth while making a positive societal impact. Explore real-world examples and practical strategies that can be applied to your own digital transformation journey.

AU Inova Lab
Cypien AI
Cypien AI
In Partnership With:

9:30 – 9:40

NEXT! in Ethical Future

Shaping the Future Responsibly

In this enlightening session, Dr. Cansu Canca, founder and director of AI Ethics Lab, will delve into the ethical considerations crucial for responsible future shaping. Gain insights into the ethical challenges and opportunities presented by emerging technologies like AI, machine learning, and automation.

Discover practical frameworks for ethical decision-making and responsible innovation. Explore topics such as algorithmic bias, privacy, transparency, and accountability in the digital age.

AI Ethics Lab, Boston

9:40 – 10:00

NEXT! in Design

Redefining the Boundaries of Innovation

Join us for an inspiring session that explores the powerful synergy between Adobe, creativity, and artificial intelligence (AI). In this session, we will delve into how Adobe is revolutionizing the creative process by integrating AI technologies into its suite of innovative tools.

Discover how AI-driven features, such as content-aware fill, intelligent image manipulation, and automated design suggestions, are empowering creatives to unleash their full potential and push the boundaries of imagination.

Adobe Certified Expert
Uskon Uzay Sistem
In Partnership With:

10:00 – 10:15

NEXT! in Digital Audio

Join us at SMARTIES NEXT CONFERENCE '23 for the exciting session "Next! in Digital Audio." Experience the future of this transformative medium as we unveil "Turkiye's Digital Audio Map" for the first time ever. In partnership with Karnaval, a leading digital audio platform, we'll explore the latest trends and opportunities in digital audio and its impact on consumer behaviour. Discover how to leverage this immersive medium for engaging storytelling and personalized advertising strategies.

Karnaval Media Group
In Partnership With:

10:15 – 10:25

NEXT! in Finance

In this session, we will uncover how AI is revolutionizing traditional banking processes, unleashing efficiency, and enhancing customer experiences. Discover how AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are streamlining customer interactions, providing personalized recommendations, and resolving queries in real-time. Explore how these intelligent systems are transforming customer service, revolutionizing the way banks engage with their clients, and ultimately fostering stronger relationships.

EVP | Head of Digital Banking Group & Innovation
Yapı Kredi
Vice President – Consumer Marketing and Sponsorships
In Partnership With:

10:25 – 10:40


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NEXT! in Marketing with Modern Tools

Next! in Marketing with Modern Tools

First to Mind, First to Find, First to Cart: Tech-enabled Omnichannel shopper journeys at Unilever

In this session, Jochanan Senf, the shining star of the FMCG world, who is one of the notable names of the sector with his approach that encourages innovation and excellence in the field of marketing, will share with us the use and advantages of new tools in marketing with his strategic insights and vast experience, the development of artificial intelligence in the retail sector and the experiences they have gained in their own work.

GM Nutrition DACH | Business Lead Scratch Cooking Europe

11:00 – 11:20

NEXT! in Advertising

Navigating the Future: Unleashing the Power of Effective Advertising

Join us at SMARTIES NEXT CONFERENCE '23 for the captivating session "Next! in Advertising." In collaboration with Digital Turbine, the advertising planning of large-budget advertising campaigns in different media, targeting solutions, strategies on digital platforms, cross-brand collaborations, and the emergence of effective advertising campaigns will be explored. We will also discover the latest consumer behaviour trends and innovative advertising strategies for the New Year shopping season.

Sales Director
Digital Turbine
Head of Marketing
Digital Turbine
Digital Advertising and Social Media Manager
Turkish Airlines
In Partnership With:

11:20 – 11:40

NEXT! in Mobile App

Turkey's Performance Compared to Global Mobile App Trends

In our keynote "Global Mobile Application Trends and Turkey's Performance", we will discuss the latest innovations in mobile technology, user habits and marketing strategies in depth. We will also examine where Turkey stands in this global arena, which opportunities it seizes and how it overcomes the challenges it faces.

Under the guidance of Başak Zerman from Adjust, we aim to provide a comprehensive perspective on how to catch up with world standards in the mobile application industry, localise global trends and make the best use of Turkey's technological potential.

By attending this special panel, you will have the opportunity to explore the latest trends in mobile technology, Turkey's position in this field and possible future paths.

Regional Sales Lead, Turkey & Africa
In Partnership With:

11:40 – 12:00

NEXT! in New AI Experiences for Human Connections

AI is enabling new forms of connection and expression, thanks to the power of generative technologies. And today at Smarties Next!, we will introduce you to new AI experiences and features that can enhance your connections with others – and give you the tools to be more creative, expressive, and productive. 

Meta is building different AIs for different things -- finding information, communicating, being entertained, playing games, getting support, helping you work and more. Get ready to meet AI-powered assistants, AI characters and new generative AI-powered tools for creative expression. 

In this session, you will discover a universe of AI experiences at your fingertips!

Head of Agencies and Ecosystem Partnerships
In Partnership With:

12:00 – 12:20

NEXT! in Decoding New Technologies

Why it All Comes Back to the Obvious

In a fast-paced world with new channels and technologies and a demanding and informed next generation coming, what is the most important thing in marketing? Join Goetz Trillhaas in his journey to talk through user behaviour, marketing challenges and how technologies like AR and AI transform the way marketers think about campaigns, learn about how technology and communication are evolving, and yet the most important thing stays the same effectively connect with your audience.

General Manager DACH
In Partnership With:

12:20 – 12:35

NEXT! in Unleashing the Power of AI

In this session, Chris Babayode will delve into the new operations of MMA Global, with a special emphasis on their latest initiatives, the CAP (Consortium for AI Personalisation) and ALC (AI Leadership Coalition). These innovative strategies are designed to leverage the power of AI, setting new benchmarks in the field of digital advertising and marketing.

Chris will be sharing his expert knowledge on how these operations can revolutionise the way businesses approach marketing and how AI can be used to enhance efficiency, precision, and overall performance.

This session is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of AI in marketing. It will provide valuable insights into the latest strategies and trends and the immense potential that AI holds for transforming the way we do business.

Managing Director EMEA

12:35 – 13:30


Savor & Connect: A Networking Lunch Experience
Our lunch not only offers a diverse menu with fresh salads, delicious dishes, and delightful desserts but also provides an ideal setting for networking.

13:30 – 13:40

NEXT! in Possible

Experience an engaging and stimulating session, where we will explore the exciting POSSIBLE event. Designed to create awareness for the upcoming POSSIBLE event, this session offers attendees a one-of-a-kind chance to discover the forefront of innovation, uncover emerging trends, and explore impactful strategies that are reshaping the marketing industry.

MMA Global

13:40 – 13:50

NEXT! in Finance

In this session, we will uncover how AI is revolutionising traditional banking processes, unleashing efficiency, and enhancing customer experiences. Discover how AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants are streamlining customer interactions, providing personalized recommendations, and resolving queries in real-time. Explore how these intelligent systems are transforming customer service, revolutionising the way banks engage with their clients, and ultimately fostering stronger relationships.

EVP - Banking and Digital Solutions
Principal, Advisors Business Development
In Partnership With:

13:50 – 14:10

NEXT! in Influencer Marketing & AI

The Intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Influencer Collaboration

Be part of our session for a great time at SMARTIES NEXT! CONFERENCE of “NEXT! In Influencer Marketing & AI” where we dive into a captivating cross-point between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and influencer marketing. Learn about the ways through which AI has transformed how brands work with influencers, and how influencers use AI for better performance.

“How Influencers Benefit from AI,” discusses ways through which influencers can automate aspects of their content creation while simultaneously identifying trending topics among target audiences. In this article, we shall look at how AI-powered tools can aid influencers in their content development, performance appraisal and audience insight, enabling them to have influential campaigns.

General Manager
TEM Agency
Content Creator

14:10 – 14:40

NEXT! in Marketing in Türkiye

Contribution of Advertising to Turkiye's Economy Report 2023

The "Contribution of Advertising to Turkiye's Economy Report 2023", which is announced every two years and published by the Reklam ve Pazarlama İletişimi Derneği (REPID), will be announced for the first time at the SMARTIES NEXT! CONFERENCE.

According to the "Contribution of Advertising to Turkiye's Economy" research, which was announced for the first time in 2021; 1 TL of advertising and media investment in Turkiye in 2020 created a value of 19.4 TL in the national income. In the same year, the total contribution of advertising and media investments to the economy was 340 billion TL with 6.73 percent. We will learn this year's figures together at SMARTIES NEXT!, We are looking forward to it.

RVD Chair | Active Chair Emeritus
MMA Turkiye
Associate Professor of Marketing
Sabancı Üniversitesi
Co-Founder, Data Magician
In Partnership With:

14:40 – 15:10

NEXT! in Personalisation

Revolutionizing Marketing: How Mastercard Harnesses Data and Tech for Precision Targeting?

Mastercard's data-driven approach will be unveiled at SMARTIES NEXT CONFERENCE '23! Join us for the panel discussion to dive into the cutting-edge world of data-powered insights. Explore how industries are being reshaped by data, machine learning, and AI, and learn how these innovations are shaping the future. Discover firsthand how leveraging data can amplify customer experiences and fuel sustainable business growth. Don't miss this engaging session discussing the future of data-driven innovation and its profound impact on businesses and society.

Principal, Advisors Business Development
Director, Advisors Business Development
Director, Advisors Business Development
In Partnership With:

15:10 – 15:25

NEXT! in AI-Shaped Martech & Fintech

How AI Will Shape The Future of Martech and Fintech

In this session, we will explore the impact of AI on the fields of Martech and Fintech with leading industry figures Rıza Doruk Ercan, Head of Growthub at Neohub and Ahmet Başaran, CEO of Netmera. Ilayda Günaydın, Netmera's Success Manager, will accompany us as a moderator and will lead this exciting conversation.

Our panel will proceed in 3 stages. Firstly, we will focus on fintech and discuss innovations and developments in the sector.

Next, we will focus on artificial intelligence and Martech and analyse how this powerful duo can create a future together.

Finally, we will share our predictions for the future in the session. We will make exciting predictions about how the Martech and Fintech world will shape up in the future and explore potential opportunities in the industry. 

If you follow the innovations in Martech and Fintech and are curious about how the future will be shaped, you should not miss this session! 

Success Manager
Serial Entrepreneur, CEO
Head of GrowtHUB
In Partnership With:

15:25 – 15:40


Recharge yourself with a coffee break

15:40 – 16:00

NEXT! in Retail Real Estate

Embracing Technology for Success

Step into the future of retail real estate at SMARTIES NEXT CONFERENCE '23 with "Next! in Retail Real Estate," featuring Markus Porvari, the founder of HyperIn. Discover how technology, as presented by Porvari, is revolutionizing the industry, bridging the gap between physical and online presence for brick-and-mortar establishments.

Explore the digitalization wave that increases profits and enhances the value of retail premises. Witness the unified ecosystem that administers tenant, service provider, and consumer information, revolutionizing communication and operations.

Learn about monetizing properties with outside advertisers and marketers, generating significant non-rental revenue. Experience the power of Big Data in understanding customers, driving sales with better products and services. See how AI, as shared by Porvari, guides consumers using AR and wearable technology, paving the way for the Metaverse.

Technology Entrepreneur, Founder

16:00 – 16:25

NEXT! in Augmented Marketer

Augmented Marketer: The Power of Emerging Tech

Discover how augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other cutting-edge tech enhance customer engagement and drive immersive brand experiences. Gain insights into the latest trends and strategies in augmented marketing.

Explore real-world case studies of successful campaigns that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation. Learn how brands are leveraging emerging tech to form deeper connections with customers.

Executive Chair
MMA Germany
General Manager DACH
GM Nutrition DACH | Business Lead Scratch Cooking Europe
Country Director
MMA Germany

16:25 – 16:50

NEXT! in AI Ethics and Law

Navigating Complexity


Explore the intricate world of AI ethics and law in the session "Next! AI Ethics and Law." Join esteemed panelists, author and academician Özgür Mumcu, Lawyer Özlem Sezgin Baysal, and academician Cansu Canca, as they delve into the evolving landscape of AI ethics and legal considerations.

Gain insights into the ethical implications of AI technologies, including privacy, bias, accountability, and transparency. Discover how AI ethics and law shape responsible AI development and deployment and explore the latest advancements in regulatory frameworks and ethical guidelines.

Engage in a stimulating dialogue as our panelists share their expertise, research, and experiences in navigating the complexities of AI ethics and law. Gain a deeper understanding of the ethical and legal considerations that underpin the responsible use of AI.

AI Ethics Lab, Boston
Academician - Author
Galatasaray University
Baysal Sezgin Law Firm

16:50 – 17:05

NEXT! in Sustainability

In this session, we will explore the vision and mission of the Baksı Culture and Art Foundation as they roll up their sleeves to support the development and empowerment of Bayburt women. Learn about the inspiring story of the foundation and its commitment to fostering positive change through culture and education.

Dive into the details of the "Baksı Hüsame Köklü Women's Education Centre" project, which aims to create a dedicated space for women to gain valuable education and skills. Discover how this initiative is designed to equip Bayburt women with the tools and knowledge necessary to thrive in social, cultural, and economic domains. From vocational training to personal development programs, the centre will provide a nurturing environment that fosters growth and empowerment.

Former Rector
Istanbul Technical University
Senior Associate - Research, Communication & Publication
Tabanlioglu Architects
In Partnership With:

17:05 – 17:10

Closing Remarks

MMA Global