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Melis Ertem

Melis Ertem
MMA Global

Melis Ertem, with over two decades in marketing, technology, and telecommunications, leads as CEO of MMA MEA, driving significant innovation and growth. 

At Turkcell, she led the Mobile Marketing & Advertising Division to a staggering $150 million in annual revenue. She also established the first GSM Operator-led permission database, reaching over 13 million subscribers and introducing advanced audience targeting with lifestyle clusters, setting new industry standards.

Melis authored one of the pioneering texts in the field, “Mobile Marketing Fundamentals and Strategies Book” (McGraw Hill, August 2010). As Consumer Product Marketing Director, she oversaw the acquisition of Türkiye's first music streaming platform, “,” significantly boosting the sector's growth.

Since joining MMA in 2005, Melis has been instrumental in major organizational milestones, including the launch of the MMA EMEA Chapter in 2007 and the MMA Türkiye chapter in 2009, and her tenure as Global Chair from 2010 to 2012. Under her leadership, MMA has embraced cutting-edge technologies like AI and data analytics, reshaping marketing strategies.

Today, Melis continues to champion innovative marketing strategies, positioning MMA Türkiye & MEA for a new era of leadership, innovation, and growth.