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Cansu Canca, Ph.D.

Cansu Canca, Ph.D.
AI Ethics Lab, Boston

Cansu is a philosopher and the Founder+Director of AI Ethics Lab, Boston, where she leads teams of computer scientists, philosophers, and legal scholars to provide ethics analysis and guidance to researchers and practitioners. She is also the Director of Responsible AI Practice at the Institute for Experiential AI and a Research Associate Professor in Philosophy at Northeastern University. Cansu serves as an AI Ethics and Governance Expert consultant to the United Nations, working with UNICRI Centre for AI & Robotics and the INTERPOL in building a “Toolkit for Responsible AI Innovation in Law Enforcement”. Cansu has a Ph.D. in philosophy specializing in applied ethics. She primarily works on ethics of technology, having previously worked on ethics and health.

Cansu serves as an ethics expert in various ethics, advisory, and editorial boards. Among others, she is an ethics advisor to Fortune 500 companies, a member of the World Economic Forum’s AI Governance Alliance working group, a founding editor for the international peer-reviewed journal AI & Ethics (Springer Nature), serves as an ethics expert for EU and NIH funded research projects, and chairs the IEEE AI Ethics Experts Network Criteria Committee.

Prior to AI Ethics Lab, she was on the full-time faculty at the University of Hong Kong, and an ethics researcher at the Harvard Law School, Harvard School of Public Health, Harvard Medical School, National University of Singapore, Osaka University, and the World Health Organization. Cansu has given over 100 talks on AI ethics, including keynotes at Harvard Business School, the U.S. Department of Justice, her TEDxCambridge talk How to Solve AI’s Ethical Puzzles, and several others. She was listed among the “30 Influential Women Advancing AI in Boston” and the “100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics” and was nominated for the VentureBeat’s “Women in AI” award. She is also the first technology and AI ethicist in Turkey.