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MMA Ramadan Insights 2024

Spearheading Success with MMA Global Indonesia: Deciphering Consumer Insights and Steering Digital Trends to Achieve Unprecedented Heights in Ramadan Strategies.   

The upcoming festive season of Ramadan 2024 heralds a critical juncture for marketers and advertisers. As consumers seamlessly weave themselves into the offline and online digital landscape, this season represents a transformative opportunity to tap into the synergies of a digitally adept consumer base. This convergence is particularly potent when intertwined with the cherished elements of community, prayer, and gifting that define the spirit of Ramadan. Navigating the dynamic terrain of the festivities, consumer demands, brands need to have a deep understanding of the growth prospects within a landscape marked by multifaceted dynamics, particularly during crucial seasons such as Ramadan.    

Against the dynamic backdrop of Ramadan, the digital sphere emerges as the epicentre, commanding attention and spotlight. Noteworthy trends within the digital realm during Ramadan include a heightened focus on the transformative impact of Generative AI, on personalised experiences, and a nuanced approach to crafting multilayered content tailored to the market's unique intricacies. According to a market insights study by Statista, the market for Generative AI is on a trajectory to reach US$328.40 million by 2024, with an impressive annual growth rate of 23.14% (CAGR 2024-2030), foreseeing a market volume of US$1,145.00 million by 2030.1 Recognizing the immense potential of Generative AI, it becomes imperative for businesses to incorporate it as a key component of their strategic endeavours.  Moreover, bolstered by recent findings, it's revealed that 71% of consumers actively seek Ramadan-related inspiration; this is further substantiated by the consumers’ expressed desire to spend across various categories during this spiritually significant time.2 These trends serve as catalysts, reshaping engagement for marketers and advertisers navigating the Indonesian market during this crucial period. This marks an era of strategic evolution, ensuring campaigns resonate effectively with the target audience. 

If we direct our lens to the retail segment, the burgeoning market in Indonesia emerges as an undeniable focal point, especially resonant during the sacred month of Ramadan. According to a survey by Statista in the last year, 60 percent of Indonesian respondents expressed their intention to increase their Ramadan spending. This inclination towards increased spending during Ramadan is expected to persist, harmonising seamlessly with the retail market that is poised for substantial expansion, projecting a surge of USD 49.56 billion. Anchored in its inherently diverse landscape, this market exhibits a notable year-on-year growth of 4.38% specifically within the retail segment. This remarkable growth serves as the bedrock for the exploration into the nuanced opportunities and challenges characterising this flourishing market, especially in the context of Ramadan 

MMA Ramadan Insights 2024: Propelling Growth and Success, Shaping the Landscape with Strategic Mastery 

Join us in this day-long exploration of industry insights where we conscientiously pave the way for unparalleled success through thoughtfully designed sessions, delivering a comprehensive strategic blueprint that maximises synergies within the digital space. Guided by industry luminaries, these tailored sessions are exclusively crafted for industry leaders in Indonesia—encompassing C-level Executives, Directors, Business Owners, Founders, Co-Founders, Head of Departments, Planners, Sr. Managers, and other Decision Makers. This exclusive convergence is dedicated to empowering those entrusted with steering the strategic trajectory of Ramadan plans, ultimately influencing and shaping robust business growth. 


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