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Florencia Eka

Florencia Eka
Country Manager for Client Services, Indonesia
The Trade Desk

Flo started with an internship at IPG, USA, which was her first step in the dynamic world of media. She later joined Mindshare and Comscore to pursue more opportunities in the industry.

Seeking exciting and emerging opportunities in the developing Indonesian market, she joined The Trade Desk, where she found her niche. In this role she combines her love of data and science with her deep understanding of brands. She was the first hire for The Trade Desk in Indonesia, with a significant leadership profile within the company.

She has made a significant impact on the AdTech industry across South East Asia, having worked with numerous global clients and continues to deliver new and exciting projects in the growing Indonesian market. She was named as a “Woman to Watch” 2020 by Campaign Asia as she shares her passion to inspire other future Asian and female leaders while empowering up-and-coming stars in the industry, with an emphasis on local talent.