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CONNECTED TV Unplugged Virtual

Over the last 10 years, connected TVs, OTT platforms and consoles have matured and emerged as a less crowded marketplace for premium inventory representing a highly-targeted and cost-effective way to reach a younger and captive audience. According to eMarketer, connected TV users will increase to 204 million viewers by 2022, representing 60% of the U.S. population.

The MMA Connected TV Unplugged virtual event brings together advertisers, publishers and technology providers that are successfully incorporating CTV into their media mix to maximize their audience reach. Attendees will hear how CTV ads can be measured and optimized in real time, uncover insights that can drive conversion, and discuss how it is pushing the boundaries of brand storytelling with more imaginative and interactive video formats.

Connected TV is at a tipping point - Register today to discover how to add it into your next campaign.

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