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Personal Data, Privacy & Smartphones: The Marketer/Consumer Disconnect

Thursday, April 29, 2021 - 2:00pm to 2:45pm EDT

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In June of 2020, apple announced that with the introduction of iOS14, new privacy features would include consumer opt-in for permission to track.

In partnership with AppsFlyer, the MMA conducted a 3-part research effort with both marketers and consumers about the implication of these changes. The insights generated include how marketers and app developers are thinking about, planning for and changing operationally for the new world of privacy and data limitations. Additionally, we analyzed how consumers are thinking about data privacy in light of the Apple iOS 14 update to a full opt in system for data usage, which other companies are likely to follow.

Join this session and learn:

  1. The difference between Marketers estimation of the degree to which consumer concerns about online privacy influence their online behavior versus what consumers say it does.  
  2. How a significant number of smartphone users have taken technological action to protect their privacy with ad blockers (used by 47%) and browser extensions (35%) the most common tactics.
  3. The implications of less than 1/3 of smartphone owners being aware of Apple’s privacy changes, and that when presented with the scenario of how it will work, they find it alarming and on average nearly half (47%) are very unlikely to opt in to tracking.
  4. What it means that Smartphone owners are divided in terms of how confident they feel to make a decision about tracking and think that big tech needs to step in and provide more education.
  5. How these insights will help you better prepare for the future of data in marketing.
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