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Swedbank Mobile bank screen

Title: Swedbank Mobile bank

Brand: Swedbank

Category: Financial services

Agency: Nexd

Vendors: Delfi, Postimees, Õhtuleht, Smartad

Region: Estonia

Timeline: 28.12.15 - 17.01.16



HSBC wanted to reach affluent on content apps to promote its tie-ups with various partners in different sectors- travel, shopping, dining etc to offer benefits to existing HSBC credit card holders. They wanted to do the promotion within 20-50m of key business districts, premium residential areas and partner establishments.


LV= is a dynamic financial services business that offers a range of insurance,investments and retirement products. As the UK’s largest friendly society, the company has more than five million members and customers. LV= 50 Plus is a life insurance plan geared to customers ages 50 and older. Internal research showed that between 35%-40% of LV= 50 Plus customers are on mobile devices of some type, with this figure set to rise in 2014.

Responsive web design for all devices

ING Group is a global financial services company operating in banking, insurance and asset management areas. ING Bank, which operates 350 branches in Turkey, perceived the rise in mobile and cross-device usage as a key opportunity, seeing mobile as the heart of banking in the future. “In Turkey, mobile grows with tremendous speed,” explains Feyza Tamer, the company’s Senior Vice President for Digital Marketing and Bancassurance. “According to the latest data, the number of mobile internet users tripled and mobile data consumption quadrupled in only two years.”

The Challenge:
Standard Chartered created a campaign to encourage spending over the holidays - where with every MYR100 spent, users could win daily gift. In the first phase of the campaign, the daily prize was a big screen LED TV. In the second, it was a Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Solution:


Brand: Akbank )One of the three biggest retail banks in Turkey)
Product: SMS + MMS

Company: Pharos Consulting

Partners: Turkcell  


  • Creating a direct response to Akbank's new SMS-LOAN product
  • Reach customers by both SMS and MMS to diversify customer experience with boosting awareness


  • Out of 5.000.000 Turkcell permitted subscribers, a target profile was set upon  the criteria “billing size”, “employment info”, “static location” together with “SMS banking” penetration and “mobile marketing” interactivity
  • Consumers were asked to write their citizenship ID and send it to the short code 4425 in order to initiate the loan application process. Loan approval is instantly sent to the consumers by Akbank.
  • Approximately 400,000 Turkcell subscribers were reached by SMS and MMS at the first phase
  • First phase also composed of an MMS campaign to create leads to Akbank’s call center
  • Another remaining chunck of database will also be deployed within 6 month-time.


  • Over 10% response rate )SMS and MMS) was reached from the 200,000 subscribers not directed to Akbank’s call center Reaching well over 500.000 subscribers within Turkcell’s permitted database proved to be a great success and one of the biggest mobile advertising campaigns in Turkey
  • A combination of Turkcell’s effective distribution channel and the right campaign design by Pharos, contributed to the response rate success

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<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> Standard Chartered Bank-Launch: ‘<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Manhattan Credit Cards’ (Mobile2win)


Goal: To create awareness, build excitement around the new Standard Chartered Bank-Manhattan lifestyle credit card-and lead into consumer acquisitions.

Solution: Mobile2win specially designed and implemented an interactive wireless contest based on  the attributes of the card.  Called the Manhattan Challenge, consumers could participate in this contest by sending ‘WOW’ to 8558 to participate.  Winners would get tickets for a trip to Manhattan.

This was the first time in India, that a mobile-led viral campaign was deployed.  The viral element in the campaign, allowed consumers a higher chance of winning the grand prize through a buddy referral scheme. Therefore if a consumer answered the questions and sent the promo message to 5 friends, he would get an x number of points.  If one of the friends in turn took part in the promo, answered the questions and in turn sent it to his own 5 friends thereby creating a new chain/tree, the initial sender would be credited with additional points.  The referrals were validated by using an unique code.

The campaign was also the first to lead generation activity, introduced in this market.  All those interested in registering for the card could SMS ‘WOW REG’ to 8558.

Result: The campaign delivered 350,000 responses over the 3-month period of the activity.  A total of 60,000 leads were also generated.


BBVA Case Study<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Date of 1st implementation    March 9th, 2007

Company                                 Universal McCann

Client                                       BBVA

The global financial group, BBVA wanted to launch its CRS campaign titled “Fair play” in the lead up to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Spain’s much-hyped football match FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid CF.

The campaign’s objective was to emphasise respect, improvement and fair play messages for the financial industry. It also tried to rejuvenate target and to show BBVA’s commitment to technology and innovation.

BBVA secured an agreement with the leading Spanish communication group, Vocento, to access all its newspapers (14) plus the leading Catalonian newspaper. For the first time consumers were invited to interact with the newspapers by taking a photo of a specially-printed football which allowed them to download a clip onto their mobile phone.

On the day of the match, 10 March 2006 the entire Vocento newspaper portfolio had a colour page communicating the venue, and readers were invited to get involved in “the world’s biggest spectacle”. There was also the added incentive of the chance to win one of ten Football Campuses for Kids.

BBVA took advantage of the high interest about football in Spain by targeting very receptive readers on football, developing a “one to one” communication between the company and the user of the mobile device, coming closer to the target in an innovative and impactful way, differentiating BBVA from the rest of its competitors.

BBVA is the first advertiser that has used this technology in an advertising campaign, with the brand appropriating the values of such a new and innovative action. Introducing new technologies into its communication strategy, BBVA reached an impressive 3.9 million people, achieving extraordinary high awareness.

BBVA is a multinational financial services group that follows an innovative management model focused on the customer. The key features are innovation, growth and generation of profit. Its cornerstones are people, teamwork, ethical principles and technology.

The group’s overall goal is to use its strengths to establish lasting relationships with increasingly satisfied customers in Spain, Europe and Mexico, in other American countries and in other places where it has a presence. It has 95.000 employees, 35 million customers and 1 million shareholders in 32 countries.

BBVA has become a true point of reference in international circles as a highly-regarded, award-winning bank.

Visa’s <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Mobile Viral Marketing Campaign <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Date: June 18th, 2007

Company: Madhouse Inc. (

Client: Visa China via OMD


The world’s most popular payment brand Visa is always at the forefront looking for a more creative and disruptive way to express their brand concept. OMD and Madhouse had successfully launched a mobile campaign that enabled Visa’s new marketing initiative on mobile media to reach its targeted consumers.


·          Increase the brand awareness of Visa in China;

·          To encourage consumers to familiarize with Visa’s main features and financing concept.


A series of simple WAP sites with 3 versions to match the 3 different ads were built for Visa by Madhouse. A hilarious concept has been made the core of this campaign creating a strong viral effect. This is to encourage consumers to forward the information to their friends.

To drive traffic to download the Visa TV commercial, mobile ads were served at specific time period by Madhouse across most popular portal sites on the Madhouse’s Mobile Ad Network. Users were directed to the Visa Campaign site to browse or download the TV commercial simply by clicking Visa’s banners or text ads. A frequency cap on the number of click for each mobile user has been applied to optimize the overall mobile ad campaign.



In comparison to traditional media, TV commercial on Mobile Screen has greater impact Its more convenient for users to download and forward them to their friends. Viral Marketing simply has a more powerful effect over mobile as the mobile phones are always with the mobile users.

During this Campaign, Madhouse had served and achieved over 2,950,000 total targeted impressions resulting in over 4.2% click-through rate and for every 2.02 clicks, Visa TV commercial was downloaded once. This is certainly more convincing than any other traditional media and Mobile media has once again proved to be better in performance and superbly cost effective.