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Swedbank Mobile bank

July 18, 2016
Submitted by Nexd

Title: Swedbank Mobile bank

Brand: Swedbank

Category: Financial services

Agency: Nexd

Vendors: Delfi, Postimees, Õhtuleht, Smartad

Region: Estonia

Timeline: 28.12.15 - 17.01.16


The campaign delivered results that are far better than the average mobile campaign receives. With the estonian version of the campaign having an engagement rate of 21.37% and a CTR of 2.25%. That means over 1/5 of everybody that saw the advertisement started engaging with it.

For the russian version we had an even higher engagement rate of 28.06% and a CTR of 1.48%. So over 1/4 of everybody that saw the ad, wanted to get more information about the product. 

The results are far better than almost any mobile ad so far, we are sure that most of the success came from the fact that AdCanvas offers a next generation mobile advertising platform. The main reasons we get far better engagements is because our ads are at average 10 times lighter that html5 ads, also since AdCanvas ads are packaged differently. This means a phone can load them faster.

Making it the ultimate platform for mobile advertising. 


The most important key performance objective was to engage the possible target audience with an advertisement that demonstrates how easy it is to transfer money with your mobile phone. The creative strategy was to create cultural and emotional sensation inside the ad in a form of familiar cultural experience, experienced by the target group in real life. With Adcanvas provided technology, the campaign performed exceptionally well and was delivering emotional engagement.

Technology was the brightest side of the mass media usage by creating the most engaging and sensational ad experience through the TTL campaign. Mobile media was the most sophisticated and exceptionally close to the Swedbank core values. 


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Swedbank - first click
Swedbank - fourth click
Swedbank - CTR