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Think with Google - Thanksgiving and Black Friday Data Points from Google

Just published on Think with Google - Consumers Divided Their Time Between a Variety of Stores as the Holiday Season Kicked Off. Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, collectively, marked the official start of the holiday shopping season. And shoppers were gobbling up deals from a variety of retailers—both online and brick-and-mortar—as they looked to snag the season’s hottest gifts. Read more

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Think with Google - Shoppers Gobble Up In-Store Black Friday Deals on Mobile

Just published on Think with Google - Mobile & Retail - Store foot traffic surged on Black Friday compared to an average weekend day in November, with electronics, clothing, and toy stores seeing some of the biggest jumps. Black Friday also had the highest number of mobile shopping searches, with Thanksgiving coming in a close second.

Think with Google - Consumer Behavior During The Holidays

Just published on Think with Google - Mobile & Retail - This is the year of the supershopper. These savvy consumers have embraced mobile shopping, are open to new brands and products, and are turning to their devices for information and inspiration. Read more.

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Think with Google - An Agency Perspective: Elevating Digital Marketing Performance

Think with Google - An Agency Perspective: Elevating Digital Marketing Performance

Just published on Think with Google - Mobile & Retail - Mobile is the new battleground for brands, yet many marketers struggle to understand how digital marketing trends can influence growth. Google's VP of Marketing, Lisa Gevelber, spoke to SVP of Media at iCrossing, Christine Bensen, about how brands can elevate performance in a mobile-first world.

Think with Google - A Marketer's Guide to Holiday Supershoppers

Just published on Think with Google - Holiday & Mobile. People around the world have transformed into supershoppers seemingly overnight, thanks to instant access to unlimited inspiration and information. We've uncovered the traits that define this new supershopper. Here's how to capture their attention this holiday season - Written by Julie Krueger, Retail Industry Director at Google (Oct 2016). Read more

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Think with Google - A Marketer's Guide to Holiday Supershoppers

A Campaign Of One

A Campaign Of One

Let me tell you a (true) story that perfectly illustrates how powerful targeted, relevant marketing can be on mobile...

A cellular partner of Swrve's needed to rollout an upgrade campaign for the newly released iPhone6S. Specifically they wanted to lock in existing customers approaching the end of their contract term. They turned to Swrve to run this campaign through their mobile-app.

1) Personalized Campaigns

The most effective marketing is personalized marketing. Swrve makes targeting the right customers with personalized campaigns easy.

Customer Satisfaction

Measuring Customer Satisfaction in a Mobile World

Customer satisfaction is something that should be top of mind for all businesses. Loyal customers come about because they are happy with the entire experience of the service or the product that they are purchasing. Given how difficult it is to retain and monetize users, measuring this level of satisfaction is often a priority for the company. Now the only question is- how do you go about measuring this?

How (not) To Lose 25% Of Your Users In One Moment

The bad news: 25% of users will open your mobile app precisely once, never to be seen again. The good news: you can improve that number by optimizing your app’s first-time user experience.
A/B Testing

A/B Testing - What Not To Do

Everybody is A/B testing these days. Or at least, it sometimes feels like that. That’s certainly a positive in one sense - making decisions on the back of user data rather than ‘the most persuasive person in the room’ is certainly a step in the right direction. Particularly on mobile, where one false move means an end to the consumer relationship, it’s worth getting experience perfect..