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A Campaign Of One

June 13, 2016
Submitted by Swrve

Let me tell you a (true) story that perfectly illustrates how powerful targeted, relevant marketing can be on mobile...

A cellular partner of Swrve's needed to rollout an upgrade campaign for the newly released iPhone6S. Specifically they wanted to lock in existing customers approaching the end of their contract term. They turned to Swrve to run this campaign through their mobile-app.

1) Personalized Campaigns

The most effective marketing is personalized marketing. Swrve makes targeting the right customers with personalized campaigns easy.

The client simply created a new segment on the fly through their dashboard. The obvious candidates for the iPhone 6S upgrade campaign are any customers currently using an iPhone 5S, and who last updated their contract over 18 months ago. As Swrve pulls individual customer data from the apps, segments are to the minute accurate. There's no coding, no exporting, no going to a data warehouse and mining data. The client simply added more dropdown filters until they had created the ideal audience.

Happy with their target segment, the client can now reach out to these customers through their mobile app, starting with personalized push notifications.




2) Speak Personally with Customers

From the billions of campaigns that Swrve client’s have run, we know one truth: Personalization matters.

Nowhere is this more evident than in Push Notifications. When clients personalize their push messaging campaigns, they see 5X-10X improvements in performance. In this iPhone 6S campaign, three personalized elements combined to create what we term "Campaigns-of-One":

  • First, each push message uses the customer's name - "Hi Kate". That may sound trivial, but in the fire hose of daily push messages, first names really help your messages stand out.
  • Second, Swrve knows the optimal time to message each and every customer. We do this by analyzing every individual’s historic usage of the app. So Swrve knows that the best time to reach Kate is today at 4:35pm. (To learn more about the optimal time for push notifications click here)
  • Third, the message is contextual to Kate alone. She has a iPhone5S and her current contract period is about expire. Now is the perfect time to upgrade.

In short, Campaigns-of-One mean the more targeted the audience, and more personalized the message, the better the results will be:



3) Targeted and Tested

Push notifications are limited to 235 characters - a tiny amount of text for such an important campaign. Often subtle variations in content have a profound effect on engagement. So you need to get it right. That's why Swrve lets clients A/B test their push campaigns - as in the image below. This way client’s can fine-tune their messaging. Swrve will immediately tell you which campaign is performing best.

4) Complete the Conversation

I'm sure this has happened to you. You open a push notification only to be dumped indiscriminately into the app. In our iPhone 6S campaign, how does Kate check out her upgrade offer, and more importantly, complete it?

Simply put, after Kate has opened the push notification, you need to seamlessly continue the conversation in-app. This is what Swrve conversations, shown below, are designed for - interactive and programmable messages that appear in Kate's app. In this campaign:

  • The message is only shown to the target segment of customers.
  • For maximum impact it embeds a beautiful video of iPhone 6S at work.
  • It embeds one-touch call-to-action. These actions are entirely programmable. They remove all friction from mobile interaction. In conversation, when Kate taps "UPGRADE ME", it sends an upgrade SMS message to the carrier. One touch - upgrade complete.



5) Personalised Retargeting

As a follow up, the client can retarget just those users who didn't engage in the campaign. This re-targeting campaign goes out a week after the initial campaign to these customers:


6) Track Performance

Every time you message a customer, you should have an explicit reason for doing so. Otherwise you are interrupting them for no obvious goal.

So every campaign should have a goal. Swrve simplifies this. Automatically Swrve tracks the engagement rate, revenue, and subsequent time in app from all customers in any campaign. Clients can also add explicit goals. In this case, what percentage of users completed an upgrade? It gives teams complete and immediate transparency on their goals - so you can see when your campaign is working. And if you've followed the process outlined above - it will!



For more information on the most effective methods of mobile marketing you can download our free ebook here

A Campaign Of One