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Neutronian webinar with industry expert perspective on the importance of a standardized data quality framework.

Data Quality Scoring: Identity and Transparency in MarTech

What role can a Data Quality Scoring framework play in resolving the Identity crisis now that the world has gone cookie-less and over 80 Identity related players have launched? How can such a framework be used to increase transparency and reduce compliance risk in MarTech?

Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - 11:00am to 12:00pm EST

This debate will include five analytic panelists, each in support of one of the presented marketing growth frameworks. The analytics will debate via a live, in-person or virtual session, discussing the scientific basis of each. This be a technical conversation, dissecting the research and mathematics behind each framework to better understand the mechanics behind each theory.

Sr. Manager, Marketing Analytics and Optimization
Molson Coors
Chief Marketing Officer
Chief Data Officer
Northwestern Mutual
Head, Decision Sciences
General Mills
Former Director of Data Science & Analytics
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Why Data Quality Matters

Are you hearing about data quality more and more lately and wondering why it matters? A group of industry experts recently met to discuss the topic of data quality and why it matters now more than ever.

The panel was hosted by Eyeota and the panelists in this discussion were:

Governance and Transparency from the Ground Up

Certification highlight featuring: 0ptimus Analytics

It's fair to say that in today's world of consumer data usage in MarTech, it's the exception rather than the rule to see a data provider embrace transparency during an audit and invest noticeably in internal governance -- especially smaller, privately held entities that don't have SEC or financial reporting requirements placed on them by the nature of a public listing. The unfortunate reality is that maximizing data sales often takes precedence over building transparency and governance controls from the ground up.

Foot Traffic Report: 2017 Year in Review & 2018 Forecast

Discover how location intelligence produces powerful retail insights that can drive brand performance. Cuebiq and GasBuddy examined over 121 million consumer trips to C-Store and Fuel Retailers in 2017. Our latest Footfall Traffic Report sheds light on retail insights, consumer behaviors, trends and a 2018 forecast provided by CSP.

Key Retail Insights Include:

Retail Intelligence: How Brands Can Drive More Visits and Create a  Better Consumer Experience

2017 in Review: Top Brands, Visit Trends, Consumer Habits,  Shopping Preferences and More

2018 Forecast: Data & Analysis by CSP

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Anil Mathews, Founder & CEO, Near

4 ways data products are redefining brand interactions

Brands today collect multiple data points across consumer interactions, ranging from key promotional events and social comments to consumer whereabouts and inquiries. One of the key challenges faced by brands and enterprises is to fuse these multiple data streams in real-time and act on them. Overcoming this challenge would redefine how brands interact with their consumers using data today. Here is how: 1. A power shift
LinkedIn SlideShare: 7 Ways to Get Ready for the Big Data of the Future

7 Ways to Get Ready for the Big Data of the Future

Quaero's SlideShare "7 Ways to Get Ready for the Big Data of the Future"


Are you ready for the Big Data of the future? It's hard to be when so much is unknown. Prepare your marketing department, and your company as a whole, by reviewing our SlideShare, "7 Ways to Get Ready for the Big Data of the Future." 

Quaero's Guide to Analytics

Quaero's Guide to Analytics

Whether you’re an advanced analytics expert or a data management newbie, this guide has something for you. It includes techniques and tactics from our subject matter experts.

Get the lowdown on:

  • Modeling: Predictive, Uplift and beyond
  • Google Analytics Retargeting
  • Cross-Channel Attribution
  • and so much more!

Download the guide here

AppsFlyer Develops Plan To Accommodate Facebook's Data Policy Change

This MediaPost article covers AppsFlyer's new product release, Facebook ROI Reports, which will help marketers better calculate the cost of their Facebook campaigns.

Beintoo, OtherLevels Want to Boost User Engagement and Retention in Mobile Apps

Beintoo, a loyalty rewards and monetization platform for Web and mobile apps, is joining forces with OtherLevels, a leader in A/B split testing and retargeting for push notification, SMS and mobile email messaging, to provide deep actionable analytics that can boost user engagement, conversions and revenues.

Beintoo partners with some of the world’s top app developers and publishers, including Halfbrick Studios, whose mega-hit games including Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride have been downloaded over 500 million times.