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Why Data Quality Matters

December 18, 2020
Submitted by Neutronian

Are you hearing about data quality more and more lately and wondering why it matters? A group of industry experts recently met to discuss the topic of data quality and why it matters now more than ever.

The panel was hosted by Eyeota and the panelists in this discussion were:

  • Kristina Prokop, Co-founder and CEO, Eyeota
  • Timur Yarnall, Co-founder and CEO, Neutronian
  • Jene Elzie, Chief Growth Officer, Athletes First Partners
  • Michael Gorman, SVP Product, Business Development & Marketing, Share This

Check out this Neutronian blog post for links to the 3-part blog series that recaps the discussion as well as the on-demand video recording: https://neutronian.com/data-quality-series-why-data-quality-matters.html