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MMA Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum: Winning at Mobile, Winning at Business

A core challenge for the CMO’s organization involves building capabilities around mobile marketing. With the tectonic shift in media consumption, mobile offers unique opportunities to bring brands closer to their consumers. MMA’s groundbreaking Smart Mobile Cross Marketing (SMoX) research, revealed that marketers should be allocating 15-20% of their total marketing spend to mobile (not just digital). Today, successful brands must have a solid, compelling mobile strategy at their core

The MMA Mobile Marketing Leadership Forum, formerly the MMA NY Forum, will help marketers understand HOW to invest these dollars to formulate effective mobile strategies. The best way to do this? By delivering real-world case studies from brands that are winning at mobile and winning at business.

This event is a must attend for marketers who want to build their own mobile capabilities and the capabilities of their brand in order to develop deeper customer relationships and strengthen their position in the marketplace.

    Sessions will cover:
  • Understanding the impact of ad blocking, viewability, consumer privacy and permission
  • Reaching digital-savvy consumers with the right message, at the right place and right time in their buying journey
  • Deep dives into mobile location, native creative, video, programmatic, apps and more
  • Managing your tech stack to successfully collect, integrate and use all 1st and 3rd party data
  • Leveraging SMoX insights and how to maximize the impact of your mobile investments
  • …. And much more

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