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Future of Ad Sales

Four Ways to Capitalize on the Future of Ad Sales

It's a digital world out there, and ad sales are many companies' bread and butter. The emergence of hoards of data, ad tech that many industries can barely keep up with, and a plethora of ever-changing best practices can make the future seem very daunting indeed.

This white paper will help ramp up your ad sales by:

Whitepaper: improve mobile ecommerce with lead gen tactics

The days of debating mobile’s potential are long gone. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic, and users aren’t just searching; they’re engaging with mobile ads, including eCommerce ads.

So now that we all agree on the potential, how do we use it? Specifically, how do we as marketers capitalize on all of that eCommerce traffic?

Easy mobile ad copy trick to boost click-through rate

For a lot of retailers/ecommerce brands, mobile is a struggle. As advertisers, intuition tells us that we should be spending there, but with much lower conversion rates and climbing CPCs, it’s hard to justify ad spend without using sophisticated attribution proving the worth of mobile.

What we do know about mobile is that searchers use it to window shop, often clicking through to the mobile site, spending some time browsing and shopping around, and then leaving the page to shop around some more, possibly converting on desktop down the road.

Mobile optimization - in-app metrics FTW!


Mobile Convergence & Digital Dominance: How One Advertising Medium is Aiding the Rest

Authored by Alex Romanov, President and CEO of iSIGN Media, this report further explores through research and facts, campaign examples and expert commentary how to use different media to better interact with customers, including: 

Pontiflex Launches Self-Serve Mobile Signup Ad Platform

Pontiflex's AdLeads Program Offers Businesses of All Sizes a Fully Automated and Affordable Way to Run Mobile Signup Ads on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices
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