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Pontiflex Launches Self-Serve Mobile Signup Ad Platform

March 27, 2012
Pontiflex's AdLeads Program Offers Businesses of All Sizes a Fully Automated and Affordable Way to Run Mobile Signup Ads on iPhone, iPad and Android Devices BROOKLYN, NY--(Marketwire - Mar 27, 2012) - Pontiflex, Inc., the industry's leading mobile signup ad platform, today announced the launch of AdLeads, a new self-service platform that will enable any business to run mobile signup ad campaigns. With AdLeads, businesses can run geo-targeted mobile signup advertising campaigns on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Signup ads differ from existing ad models because they allow businesses to pay only when people sign up for their ad -- not for wasted clicks or impressions. Businesses can find all the necessary tools to launch and manage mobile advertising campaigns at www.adleads.com. Since the beta launch of AdLeads, more than 300 businesses and agencies of all sizes have adopted the platform to run in-app mobile advertising campaigns and find new customers. These companies include Allurez, Sickweather, One Click Ventures, The DUMBO Improvement District, Paper Hat Press and Nita Nita, among many others. Just as they would for a search advertising campaign, in minutes, businesses and agencies can create an account, specify geo-targeting, create ad groups, design creative and launch mobile signup advertising campaigns using the AdLeads platform. But instead of paying every time someone clicks on their ad, now businesses only pay when someone signs up and shares their contact information. Given that a large number of clicks on mobile app advertisements are accidental (a 2010 Harris Interactive survey estimated that this number was 47 percent), businesses have struggled to get returns on mobile advertising. With AdLeads, businesses pay only for actual signups. They now have a simple advertising solution to get returns on every ad dollar they spend and make mobile advertising work for them. "Pontiflex has methodically designed and scaled the AdLeads program to cater to the needs of any business by providing a simple self-serve tool that is easy and affordable to use," said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-founder, Pontiflex. "AdLeads combines the cutting-edge technology of mobile phones and tablets with the efficiency of a performance-pricing model. This is a natural and powerful combination for businesses that want to find new customers." Mobile signup ads enable people to sign up to hear from the businesses they like without leaving the app they are using. They connect to their favorite businesses by sharing their name, email address, social networking handle or phone number. Through AdLeads, businesses are able to choose the information they want to collect from their potential customers, and all data is collected on a 100 percent opt-in basis. AdLeads also allows businesses to follow up with people who have signed up to hear from them with a thank you email that is sent in real time. They can keep consumers and prospects engaged with their business after the first interaction by remarketing to them by email, phone and social channels. For example, One Click Ventures, a network of e-commerce brands in the discount fashion and travel spaces, is using AdLeads and seeing great success. "We've already broken even with the amount of sales we have generated in two days," said Alessandra Souers, Director of Email Marketing, One Click Ventures. Social health startup Sickweather is using AdLeads to add new users, while children's book publisher Paper Hat Press is using AdLeads to increase its number of Facebook fans. "With AdLeads, Paper Hat Press was able to acquire over 13,000 new leads in less than three weeks," said Manish Naik, CEO, Paper Hat Press. "There's no better way that we've found to advertise on smartphones and tablets and get new customers than with AdLeads." Nita Nita, a popular restaurant in Brooklyn, New York, is another small business using AdLeads to connect with patrons. The company follows up with people who have opted in via AdLeads to receive messages from them with emails that drive traffic to their Facebook and Twitter pages. Nita Nita sends friends, followers and fans invitations and special announcements once they become part of its social community. "Being able to reach people in the area while they're out on the town or making plans for the night really helps promote specials and our events," said Sam DiStefano, Owner, Nita Nita. "Now we also can invite them to be part of our social community through AdLeads." AdLeads offers the following features: Geo-targeting: reach people in their neighborhood, state, country or around the world Ad creation and preview tools: easily build and format ads for iPhones, iPads, Android phones and Android tablets Signup fields: specify the data to be collected, including: first name, last name, email address, social media handle and phone number, among others Web-based reporting: access online reporting tools that deliver real-time feedback on the performance of the campaign International capabilities: activate the native language of a mobile device and it will automatically display ads in that language; businesses around the world will be able to show ads to consumers in a way that is relevant and meaningful to them Pontiflex's global scale across mobile apps delivers massive reach to users around the world. Pontiflex powered apps currently display more than one billion impressions each month and Pontiflex's overall app traffic continues to increase every month. Based on an extensively field-tested ad optimization algorithm and patent-pending technology, the AdLeads platform is designed to match the right ad to the right user on the right app. The AdLeads program provides affordable access to the exploding mobile ad market with cost per signups ranging anywhere from 50 cents to $15 per signup, depending on the geo-targeting selected and the number of fields chosen. Every day, over 150,000 people signup via the Pontiflex AdLeads platform. AdLeads comes to market at a time when many small businesses are adopting mobile advertising in greater numbers. A recent survey conducted by Manta found that 69 percent of survey respondents said that it is important or very important that their small business be found on mobile devices. In addition, a survey by Borrell Associates found that four out of every five SMB owners plan to spend money on mobile marketing, and that on average these business owners plan to devote more than 20 percent of their budgets to mobile advertising. "Small and medium-sized businesses know that their customers and prospects are increasingly on mobile devices, but they had no way to run effective mobile advertising campaigns until now," said Zephrin Lasker, CEO and Co-founder, Pontiflex. "Today, with AdLeads, they can. We're happy to help business owners of all sizes connect to people on their mobile devices, whether they're in the same zip code or on the other side of the world." About Pontiflex Pontiflex powers a new kind of mobile advertising platform: Signup Ads. Signup Ads are a simple and 100% opt-in way for people to hear more from brands they like. People can sign up without leaving the mobile app or website they're on, and advertisers pay only for valid signups and app installations. Whether it's moms who join Kimberly-Clark's HUGGIES loyalty program, pet lovers who want to help animals with the ASPCA, or people who want personalized books from small businesses like Paper Hat Press, millions of people use Signup Ads every day to connect with their favorite brands and organizations on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.