Mobile Convergence & Digital Dominance: How One Advertising Medium is Aiding the Rest | MMA
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Authored by Alex Romanov, President and CEO of iSIGN Media, this report further explores through research and facts, campaign examples and expert commentary how to use different media to better interact with customers, including: 

  • How the rise in adoption of digital devices (like smartphones and tablets) can link and sync with traditional channels (like print and radio) to heighten the consumer experience and deliver a united message across all channels;
  • How QR Codes, Smartphones and Kiosks are learning to “speak” to each other and mixing the digital and physical experience; and
  • How digital convergence is nothing new, but lessons can be learned about how to successfully merge channels and do a self-analysis that can drive next-step solutions to merging channels in new creative ways.

This report also explores how businesses can benefit from the merging and converging of mobile with other advertising channels to engage with today's on-the-go consumers, measure and monetize those interactions, and harness the data they receive to influence future campaign success.

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