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  • GMS presents a diversified business strategy to shift from legacy messaging provider to AI communications solutions partner, driven by customer engagement and exceptional customer experiences.
  • To align with this strategy, GMS is rebranding to introduce a more consumer friendly and tech style.

The media and entertainment industry is moving beyond the traditional television broadcast model to address a new multi-screen reality of Smartphones, Tablet devices, PCs and Laptops. Consumers want to enjoy movies, videos, sporting events, and live programming on a variety of devices, on the go, anytime, anywhere.

Chicago Shakespeare Theater, Leo Burnett & Iris Mobile win Super REGGIE Award

Chicago Shakespeare Theater and Leo Burnett USA kicked off fall production of “Sunday in the Park with George” with a surprise live performance by actors from the musical at the Art Institute of Chicago. What was surprising about the performance? The actors performed in front of a life-sized replica of the famous masterpiece by George Seurat, but this replica was missing key figures from the original work of art.

The mobile frontier is vast, and growing. Around the globe people are turning away from desktops and laptops to embrace smart devices. With the next billion users heading this way soon, the possibilities seem to be limitless. Mobile marketers seeking to boost customer acquisition and retention while building deep brand loyalty have gained a powerful new tool in the form of push technology, delivering opt-in messages from mobiles apps directly to customers’ smart­phones or other mobile devices. Push messaging is becoming must-have technology because nothing else enables such a close and personal connec­tion with mobile users. To download the full report, click here


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Mobile phone usage is at an all time high with no slowdown in sight.  With over 50% of American’s now owning smartphone, the burgeoning world of mobile has today’s broadcasters scrambling to find the most effective way to both meet marketing goals and create a source of revenue, without alienating their customer audiences.