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Sky News’ Objectives 

  • Be the first and fastest to deliver breaking news 
  • Motivate app users to spend more time in the app 
  • Grow the Sky News user base and app audience


  • Sky News sends push notifications faster than its competitors. 

“The SmartPath development platform has proven to be robust, yet flexible at the same time. Over the past 3 years, our product team has relied on it to manage the user experience, introduce many new products and features, as well as rapidly expand our brand’s coverage to the many mobile devices entering the market.”

AutoWeek is a traditional media publisher that recognized the necessity of engaging their users in mobile and reaching new users through this next gen media platform. AutoWeek has both magazine and online versions of their auto-enthusiast content and partnered with AdMob to both monetize and promote their new iPhone app in Fall 2009. AutoWeek had two main goals in partnering with AdMob:

Useful Networks - White Paper

With Participants:
Major US Carrier,
Major Ad Network,
Major Fast Food Restaurant (Brand #1)
And a Major Automotive Company (Brand#2)

Authored By: Useful Networks

Executive Summary – AdWhere™ LBA Trial White Paper

Cricket Nirvana ramps up site traffic through mobile advertising with mKhoj

Innovation: mKhoj designed banner ads with live score that refreshed every 60 seconds.

Brand: Cricket Nirvana
Category: Online Cricket Content site
Network: mKhoj, Mobile Ad Network
Region: APAC


Title: TXT4Dummies

NeoMedia Technologies/ qode

Campaign – Interactive Textbooks- Marketing: real people, real choices

Pearson Prentice Hall and qode® - A NeoMedia Technologies Company (

Prentice Hall implemented qode® for their recent 2007 edition launch to create interactive textbooks that allow additional content to be delivered on student and teacher mobile devices. This innovation demonstrates how textbooks do not have to be lackluster and easily outdated, and instead allow users to become involved in the material. The textbooks encourage readers to have an interactive experience with case studies and articles to enhance their understanding. Additionally, the mobile interaction creates an enterprise solution and competitive advantage to the Prentice Hall sales force by introducing the first fully interactive text book to their clients. 

In order to create the first completely interactive edition, Prentice Hall developed the text book “Marketing: real people, real choices,” which implemented qode’s smartcode technology. This allowed users to download the qode® application on their personal phones to discover additional information, videos from the book’s authors, games, and news. Smartcodes were also linked to case studies from companies including Ron Jon Surf shops. The book developed additional articles and sections presenting qode’s new mobile marketing technique as an official marketing medium.  A smartcode on the cover linked to a mobile video, allows the authors to “talk” directly to the professors and students.

There are a total of 12 of qode’s smartcodes integrated into the “Marketing: real people, real choices,” 2007 Marketing textbook.  Additionally, Prentice Hall has launched a mobile sales force automation/support tool powered by qode, “FonCram”, for this book and 39 additional titles.

Company information
Qode® is a revolutionary new way to deliver customizable mobile solutions that link consumers directly to desired pages on the mobile web. The patented technology turns brand names, smartcodes, and barcodes into hyperlinks by scanning or entering a code with a cellular phone. 

Prentice Hall successfully publishes introductory through advanced-level textbooks, professional reference publications, and monographs. As the world's leading publisher of academic and reference textbooks, Prentice Hall is committed to providing the most innovative, flexible, and powerful educational materials available today.

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Campaign - ELLEgirl MAGAZINE, September 2005

Mobot - A NeoMedia Technologies Company

Goals<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

o         Encourage ELLEgirl readers to focus on advertisements.

o         Provide readers with reasons to buy, keep and read the magazine.

o         Capture the interest of media savvy, ad-saturated, instant-gratification-driven Gen-Y readers.

o         Authentically link print magazine to the mobile and online space.

A full page spread introduced the instant win calendar.  Each day of the month a different advertiser is featured in the calendar.  Readers are instructed to find the ad in the magazine, snap a picture of the advertiser’s ad using their mobile phone and send it to Mobot to get a chance to win a prize and get more information about the advertiser’s products. The Mobot visual search technology recognized the pictures sent in and responded back with notification of whether the reader won a prize along with product information from the advertiser.   Examples of prizes include Target $100 gift certificate, Sweetooth handbag, and a Split tube dress.

A follow up survey revealed that purchase intent was on average 14% higher, advertiser favorability was on average 18% higher, and aided recall was on average 15% higher among participants compared to non-participants.  Readers enjoyed the promotion and entered on average of 22 times during the month.  Instead of throwing out the magazine after a few days reader participation actually increased as the month progressed.

About NeoMedia Technologies
NeoMedia Technologies, Inc (
) is the worldwide leader in Mobile Marketing.  Across our leading-edge mobile services providers, over 4 billion on-pack mobile marketing promotions have been enabled, including the largest-ever mobile campaigns. Today, mobile campaigns ranging from SMS/text campaigns to barcode-enabled campaigns can be launched and supported by a combination of applications, technology, and creative services. Our R&D efforts are at the forefront of the industry, creating next generation code-reading capabilities, visual matching, and mobile couponing technology solutions, as well as the world’s most creative, effective and fun mobile campaigns.  NeoMedia holds 27 patents with coverage in 14 countries.

Our global solutions include: PaperClick (, 12Snap ( Gavitec (, Mobot (, Sponge ( and HipCricket (


Brand: The Hockey News

Company: g8wave

The Hockey News is a leading consumer publication, focused on the National Hockey League (NHL).  In the aftermath of the year long NHL lockout The Hockey News was looking for ways to revitalize itself, by increasing its visibility, driving new subscriptions and reaching out to a younger audience, particularly in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />United States.

For years, The Hockey News has prompted prospective readers to call or go online to subscribe.  Often, these appeals are made directly to the biggest hockey fans, on-site at NHL games.  A hockey fan is not always willing to make a call on the spot and not always able to go online when they see a subscription offer – particularly when attending a National Hockey League game.  What’s more, if they don’t act when they see the marketing in print or in an arena, they may not remember to do so.  g8wave saw an opportunity to use SMS as a way to give interested consumers the ability to act on their impulse to subscribe immediately,  as opposed to making a call or waiting to go online when they got home.  In printed marketing materials (such as The Boston Bruins official yearbook) and in arenas around the NHL (such as Nassau Coliseum, home of the New York Islanders) consumers are being prompted to text in to subscribe.  For doing so, they are being offered special discounts, free issues, special gifts and even autographed player items at arenas.   Bounce back messages included information on how to subscribe and/ or how to receive their special offer or gift.

The Hockey News has opened up a completely new channel through which to market its subscription offers and given interested consumers a new way to interact with The Hockey News.  This is a first step in gauging reader interest in mobile campaigns, and a springboard to more and different mobile services from The Hockey News.


About g8wave:
g8wave (“gatewave”) is a mobile marketing and m-commerce company and a new division of the forty year-old Phoenix Media/Communications Group. The company operates both domestically and overseas, with offices in Boston and London.  The company has grown at a rapid pace by building technology and services that respond and adjust to the public’s evolving demand for mobile content, and delivering it via the mobile gateways effectively and efficiently.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

g8wave has already introduced various mobile services in the US, Canada and Europe through its network of media partnerships. For more on g8wave, visit