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ELLEgirl Magazine (Mobot)

May 10, 2006

Campaign - ELLEgirl MAGAZINE, September 2005

Mobot - A NeoMedia Technologies Company

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o         Encourage ELLEgirl readers to focus on advertisements.

o         Provide readers with reasons to buy, keep and read the magazine.

o         Capture the interest of media savvy, ad-saturated, instant-gratification-driven Gen-Y readers.

o         Authentically link print magazine to the mobile and online space.

A full page spread introduced the instant win calendar.  Each day of the month a different advertiser is featured in the calendar.  Readers are instructed to find the ad in the magazine, snap a picture of the advertiser’s ad using their mobile phone and send it to Mobot to get a chance to win a prize and get more information about the advertiser’s products. The Mobot visual search technology recognized the pictures sent in and responded back with notification of whether the reader won a prize along with product information from the advertiser.   Examples of prizes include Target $100 gift certificate, Sweetooth handbag, and a Split tube dress.

A follow up survey revealed that purchase intent was on average 14% higher, advertiser favorability was on average 18% higher, and aided recall was on average 15% higher among participants compared to non-participants.  Readers enjoyed the promotion and entered on average of 22 times during the month.  Instead of throwing out the magazine after a few days reader participation actually increased as the month progressed.

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