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Consumer Packaged Goods

Doritos Music )Aerodeon Turkey)
Brand: Frito Lay / Doritos
Agency: Aerodeon Turkey
Duration: 12.05.2008 – 27.07.2008
GOAL: Launching a big promotion campaign that would increase sales. Also to create a word-of-mouth and to strengthen the bond between the music and the Doritos brand.
SOLUTION: In order to participate the campaign, participants are asked to text the unique codes in Doritos packages to Turkcell 3160 or enter the code on the web site During the campaign the first participant of every hour, between 13 pm and 21 pm, wins Nokia 5310 Xpress Music mobile phone, second and third participants win iPod shuffle. Besides, every hour 250 participants instantly win Turkcell credits/airtime.
Furthermore, participants collect points in Doritos packages to win a ticket for the concert of Turkish pop star Tarkan.
RESULT: The campaign still goes on but it has already reached a high participation level and created a huge awareness.
Pepsi Football Pleasure )Aerodeon Turkey)
Brand: Pepsi 
Agency: Aerodeon Turkey
Duration: 01.04.2008 – 29.06.2008
GOAL: Making consumers to experience the unique pleasure of football with Pepsi.
SOLUTION: Participants are asked to text the unique codes under the Pepsi lids and pulling tabs to Turkcell 3323 or enter the code on the campaign web site The killer application of the campaign is the prize opportunities that are all about to increase football pleasure. During the campaign, the first participant of every hour, between 13 pm and 20 pm, wins 1 year and the first participant of every minute wins 1 month subscription for Digiturk Ekosports package includes Lig TV, which is the sport channel that has the exclusive Super League football broadcasting rights for Turkey.
The other effective instant win prize of the campaign are Turkcell credits/air time. Besides all of these prizes, various of football mobile games, melodies and football players wallpapers are given away during the campaign.
In order to strengthen the campaign in each level, various B2B mobile campaigns were executed at the same time. Also, lots of text &win campaigns were executed at the retail stores and fast food restaurants for end consumers.
RESULT: Although the campaign still goes on, Pepsi has already beaten its own record. After the Pepsi Emoticons campaign with 8.5 million participation, Pepsi Football Pleasure campaign has already reached 9.5 million participation that neither a brand nor a text&win campaign in Turkey has been reached this participation number before.
Seda Teens )Unilever) 
Company: Unilever
Brand: Seda )Sunsilk) Teens
Featured Technologies: WAP Development, mobile game, mobile content, mobile advertising
Unilever developed a new line of hair products for teenagers: Seda Teens. Their target, teen girls from 12 to 17, is an elusive one - the traditional media is increasingly ineffective when it comes to reaching out to this public.
A study was therefore made to better understand this target and find what would be the best way to communicate with them.
The study soon came to the conclusion that for these girls their mobile phones were a main part of their daily life and activities. It also identified Nokia as top of mind mobile brand.
A mobile strategy was then needed in order to bring Unilever close to their target, appealing to their daily mobile life, habits and tastes, on an essentially non-intrusive way.
Mobile social network - )
Mobile social networks are potentially killer apps as they add mobility to an activity that's been turned essential to many. Contacting friends and be connected can happen whenever and wherever one wants. developed for Seda Teens a social network that could be accessed both on the fixed and mobile web.
When accessing the mobile community - the first branded mobile social network in Brazil - the girls could register themselves and update their profiles based on a series of questions involving their loves, hates and wants.
They could also browse through content specially produced for them, such as beauty and health tips, their horoscope and an area entitled Experts - where they could ask questons about different subjects related to hair and beauty, lifestyle, fashion and sex.
In order to build a basis for future actions, these girls would be contacted to assess their interest in receiving messages from the brand.
Mobile phone and branded mobile content
At the same time, to deepen the link of Seda Teens brand with mobile, Nokia was contacted by in order to evaluate how to work together with Unilever.  As a result Unilever and Nokia launched together a phone targeted at teenagers: the Nokia 5200 Pink Seda Teens.
The phone received mobile content customized with Seda Teens themes: wallpapers, a ringtone from a popular boys band, the wake-up and shut-down screens, the icons.
A mobile game was developed based on the hugely popular Dance Revolution - the main game character was one of Seda Teens pin-ups.
The girls buying the phone would get a special code that they would use to grant them premium access to Seda Teens Mobile Social Network - receiving a badge that acknowledges the profile as  a Nokia Seda Teens owner.
Mobile advertising
To generate traffic and communicate the mobile community - the most visible part of the campaign and the main indicator of the strategy success - a comprehensive mobile advertising plan was set-up.
Throughout three months, Seda Teens should be present in the maximum number of mobile screens in Brazil.
Seda Teens WAP banners were then placed in the mobile portals of the main operators in Brazil - Claro )America Movil); Vivo )Telefonica); TIM; Oi and Brasil Telecom - and in site. Nokia mobile phones received a Seda Teens icon placed in the Downloads folder )where this folder was available). The Nokia 5200 Seda Teens was shipped with its bookmarks pointing to the mobile community.
The mobile game, Dancing Star, was placed in Claro and Brasil Telecom as a free download.
After 2 months running, the campaign results rank Seda Teens as one of the most successful mobile strategies so far in the Brazilian market.
  • The mobile advertising generated an average of 5% click-through rate.
  • The mobile community received a total of 360.000 visits in the period, twice the number of visits to the website.
  • The game was downloaded 11.000 times and the community has 20.000 registered users.
  • The brand was reinforced by girls blogging about the phone and the community.


Brand: Nestle 
Agency: Aerodeon Turkey
Duration: 01.04.2008 – 15.05.2008
GOAL: Launching a big promotion campaign that would create a word-of-mouth and to differentiate with the “MobileBank” prize, it would present.
SOLUTION: In order to participate the campaign, participants are asked to text the unique codes in the Crunch packages, to the campaign’s code number or enter the code on the web site The first participants of every minute, instantly win 10, 20 or 40 YTL )equivalent to 8, 16 or 32 USD) of money prize. Besides, each participant has a chance to win free Crunch.
RESULT: Although the campaign still goes on, the campaign was met by great appreciaton by consumers and already achieved its goals.
Jameson Taps HipCricket to Power St. Patrick’s Day Mobile Marketing Campaign
Revelers seeking the perfectly pithy Irish toast this St. Patrick’s Day didn’t have to look any further than their mobile phone, thanks to Jameson and HipCricket, a mobile marketing company that creates measurable, real-time, one-to-one relationships between brands and consumers.
Company: HipCricket
Brand: Jameson
When Jameson, America’s fastest-growing whiskey brand, was looking to drive brand affinity and increase its association with St. Patrick’s Day celebration, the company turned to HipCricket’s mobile marketing platform and creative services as a way to connect with consumers when they were out celebrating.
Jameson leveraged HipCricket’s platform and mobile marketing expertise to send unique Irish “toasts” via text message to consumers who opted-in to the “Jameson Full-On Irish” Sweepstakes. Jameson’s domestic importer, Pernod Ricard USA, developed the national campaign, built around a sweepstakes featuring five Grand Prize trips to the Old Jameson distillery in Dublin, Ireland. Consumers of legal drinking age were able to opt-in to receive the hourly toasts and enter the sweepstakes by texting IRISH to 80782; revelers at participating bars and restaurants could text JAMESON to 80782.  This allowed the brand to see which placement had the greatest call to action.
HipCricket provided their flexible, scalable platform that enabled thousands of Jameson fans to simultaneously receive the hourly toasts. On the back end, HipCricket’s platform enabled Jameson to drill down and analyze the results of their campaign:
·          Thousands of participants texted in to receive toasts
·          76% of total participants came from on-premise )key accounts bars and pubs)
·          74% of all initial respondents moved through 1-step Age/State verification
“Working with HipCricket further extends Jameson into consumers’ St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. HipCricket empowered us with the means to very easily implement a mobile campaign that provided us with measurable results,” said Wayne Hartunian, Brand Director for Jameson at Pernod Ricard USA.
BL Hoops Campaign for Anheuser-Busch’s March to the Championship
Company: ipsh! [part of The Marketing Arm]
Brand: Bud Light
Build brand engagement with consumers 21+ through an interactive retail promotion surrounding the March tournament. Leverage basketball enthusiast’s interest in the sport and of course, love for Bud Light!  Create a program that offers a strong incentive for consumers to enter the contest and create excitement about the campaign.
Engage consumers through a sweepstakes promotion that Bud Light will sponsor throughout the 2008 college basketball playoffs. Incorporate text-in and on-line registration to reach as many consumers as possible and engage wholesalers and local bars to promote the contest. Continue the dialogue and build a relationship with the consumer throughout the three weeks of the tournament with mobile campaign alerts.
Consumers, 21+, will receive a scratch ticket while at a bar, or when they purchase a specially marked 12-, 18-, or 20-pack of Bud Light at participating retail locations. Each ticket has five scratch-off jerseys that become your “team.”
Consumers can text in or visit and register to win! At, consumers can track their daily scores and compare their rank amongst other competitors within their local region. The site also contains a series of “DUDE” spots, a PC-based Basketball game and mobile downloads )i.e. Wallpapers, mobile basketball game and a Bud Light tournament bracket).  To enhance consumer touch-points, a WAP site was created with similar capabilities to track/monitor progress from their handsets. 
When the tournament begins, anytime players with your “team” jersey numbers score – you score! The player in each market with the highest score at the end of the Elite 8 wins a trip for two to Las Vegas to attend a Bud Light VIP party at Caesar’s Palace, full of basketball and Bud Light.
As of March 19, more than 3,900 participants have engaged in the game. We are expecting a huge weekend with a major media push on ESPN/Yahoo and activation at the bar level.
Doritos "Party is Here"  )Aerodeon Turkey)
Agency: Aerodeon Turkey
GOAL: Launching a creative and unique promotion campaign that would increase sales during the summer period and connecting the campaign to the global Black Eyed Peas featured Doritos
campaign: “Where is the Party at?”. A prize-focused strategy was developed. The most important element of the campaign would be the prizes. They should be both attractive and beneficial in order to satisfy target consumers. And, each participant should win a prize and feel the party air after participating to the campaign. Therefore, the campaign should be differentiated with the prize opportunities it presented.
SOLUTION: The most significant and important gift was cash money as it was very desirable and useful. But it was very difficult to deliver thousands of cash money prize through mobile. So cooperation with Garanti Bank was brought into scene by Aerodeon. Garanti Bank has launched a new product called “Mobile Bank” which gives its customers the opportunity to send money to each other through their mobile phones. With entering on the ATM, the transaction password attained by the bank, amount, sender’s phone number, and receiver’s phone number, anyone can use Mobile Bank.
A very detailed technological development has been raised in order to connect Aerodeon’s and Garanti Bank’s IT infrastructures.
Participants were asked to text the unique codes found in the product packages, to the campaign’s short code. In return, participants instantly received messages by Aerodeon that inform them about the amount of money they won, and the sender number that they have to enter on the ATM screen. A second message was sent to the winners by Garanti Bank that states the password they have to enter on the ATM screen.
The other instant gifts of the campaign were Turkcell credits/air time and Black Eyed Peas wallpapers, ring tones which were given in order to keep the link with the global image campaign.

 Besides, according to the highest daily participation, each day one couple won the chance to watch theBlack Eyed Peas concert in Bangkok, all travel costs were met by Doritos.

RESULT: “Party is Here” campaign reached a high participation level. As for the quantitative results, a total of 3.100.000 participations were gathered in 3 months. Unique participation was 2.343.000. Almost 400.000 USD of money prize distributed to approximately 40.000 participants. More than 900.000 participants won a total of 8.000.000 credits&airtime. All of the participants won Black Eyed Peas ringtones and wallpapers.
The campaign fully satisfied the target of generating high volume sales, and created huge awareness

Unilever Lynx for Men – Mobile Ad Funded Video Case Study )Rhythm NewMedia)

In May 2007, Lynx for Men, the Unilever men’s deodorant, launched a new advertising campaign designed to increase awareness of the brand and to differentiate itself as the sexy product for men.
Mobile advertising formed a part of this marketing campaign designed to communicate with Lynx’s target customers in new channels previously unused by the brand. In order to reach the target market, the Lynx campaign used video ads on the Free Stuff video content area on mobile operator 3UK’s Planet 3 portal. These video ads were placed with Rhythm’s ad network using the media buying agency Mindshare.
·          Drive awareness for the Lynx brand
·          Target hard to reach customers )16-24 year old males) that are increasingly difficult to influence through traditional advertising channels
·          Position the Lynx brand as sexy, attractive to the opposite sex, and cutting edge by using new media platforms
Lynx was able to achieve their objectives with the world’s first ad funded video channel on 3UK’s network with the help of Rhythm New Media. On the Free Stuff video content of the Planet 3 portal, potential Lynx customers were able to enjoy quality content such as news, sports, entertainment and movies after watching a short ad. Rhythm NewMedia’s unique completely targeted and frequency managed solution enabled very fine targeting which helped minimize waste and increased cost effectiveness for Lynx as ads were served only to the targeted males 16-24 that Lynx wanted to reach. Lastly, brand awareness was measured during the campaign using Rhythm’s patent-pending in-line brand awareness research solution.
The Lynx brand received
o         56% prompted awareness of the brand
o         86% correct brand message recall
o         44% people felt more positive about the brand after seeing the ad

Sprite – Ghanta Bajega, Ghanti Bajegi (Mobile2win)

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This was a sales linked promotion – The “Ghanta Bajega, Ghanti Bajegi” offer.  The promise was winning ‘on the hour’.  Objective was to induce additional sales of Sprite during the summer period. 

An unique number was given under every crown/bottle cap of Sprite. Around 2 million Sprite crowns had a unique code printed in them.  Users could message that number to our

shortcode -8558 (connected and integrated with every carrier in the country) and win NOKIA N-Gage, phones every hour.  

The promo was communicated through TVC, Print, Outdoor, POS and Radio.  Consumers were told that they could win by drinking Sprite, looking under the crown/bottle cap of Sprite and sending in the unique code for a chance to win.

A TVC was created specifically for this campaign.

The unique codes also enabled consumer location tracking.

Consumers who did not win for a particular hour were eligible to win every hour for that day.

Three separate draws were conducted for the states/regions in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />India: Goa, Gujarat, and Tamil Nadu.

Four region-response reports were to be created by m2w that helped in tracking consumer behavior across these regions.

Results: 750,000 responses in one month.

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Perfetti Van Melle Corporation - Mentos “Dimag ki Batti” Campaign (Mobile2win)


Goal: To reinforce the brand proposition using mobile as an interactive extension of the brand campaign.

Solution: The Mentos TVC took a slice of life approach – but this ‘slice of life’ was from the Mentos Life V/s Ordinary Life.  What one would do in the Mentos Life as compared to everyday life.

A specially designed wireless SMS based contest was created.  Consumers had to SMS MENTOS and participate in an interactive quiz, consisting of a number of questions related to the Mentos way of life.  

Samsung phones were given away every hour as prizes.  This campaign was promoted through television as well as radio.

The campaign was promoted during the Super Bowl equivalent in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />India – The India V/s Pakistan Cricket Series.

Sample Questions:

            Q. Ur thrown out of class, u wud?

                        a. Ring the bell, end class

                        b. Stand in the corner.

            Q. Late for a date, u say?

                        a. Lost my way as I m blindly in love with u

                        b. Sorry.

Result: The campaign created the desired buzz amongst the target audience and raised awareness of the brand.