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Doritos "Party is Here" (Aerodeon Turkey)

December 17, 2007
Doritos "Party is Here"  )Aerodeon Turkey)
Agency: Aerodeon Turkey
GOAL: Launching a creative and unique promotion campaign that would increase sales during the summer period and connecting the campaign to the global Black Eyed Peas featured Doritos
campaign: “Where is the Party at?”. A prize-focused strategy was developed. The most important element of the campaign would be the prizes. They should be both attractive and beneficial in order to satisfy target consumers. And, each participant should win a prize and feel the party air after participating to the campaign. Therefore, the campaign should be differentiated with the prize opportunities it presented.
SOLUTION: The most significant and important gift was cash money as it was very desirable and useful. But it was very difficult to deliver thousands of cash money prize through mobile. So cooperation with Garanti Bank was brought into scene by Aerodeon. Garanti Bank has launched a new product called “Mobile Bank” which gives its customers the opportunity to send money to each other through their mobile phones. With entering on the ATM, the transaction password attained by the bank, amount, sender’s phone number, and receiver’s phone number, anyone can use Mobile Bank.
A very detailed technological development has been raised in order to connect Aerodeon’s and Garanti Bank’s IT infrastructures.
Participants were asked to text the unique codes found in the product packages, to the campaign’s short code. In return, participants instantly received messages by Aerodeon that inform them about the amount of money they won, and the sender number that they have to enter on the ATM screen. A second message was sent to the winners by Garanti Bank that states the password they have to enter on the ATM screen.
The other instant gifts of the campaign were Turkcell credits/air time and Black Eyed Peas wallpapers, ring tones which were given in order to keep the link with the global image campaign.

 Besides, according to the highest daily participation, each day one couple won the chance to watch theBlack Eyed Peas concert in Bangkok, all travel costs were met by Doritos.

RESULT: “Party is Here” campaign reached a high participation level. As for the quantitative results, a total of 3.100.000 participations were gathered in 3 months. Unique participation was 2.343.000. Almost 400.000 USD of money prize distributed to approximately 40.000 participants. More than 900.000 participants won a total of 8.000.000 credits&airtime. All of the participants won Black Eyed Peas ringtones and wallpapers.
The campaign fully satisfied the target of generating high volume sales, and created huge awareness