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Pepsi Football Pleasure (Aerodeon Turkey)

June 19, 2008
Pepsi Football Pleasure )Aerodeon Turkey)
Brand: Pepsi 
Agency: Aerodeon Turkey
Duration: 01.04.2008 – 29.06.2008
GOAL: Making consumers to experience the unique pleasure of football with Pepsi.
SOLUTION: Participants are asked to text the unique codes under the Pepsi lids and pulling tabs to Turkcell 3323 or enter the code on the campaign web site The killer application of the campaign is the prize opportunities that are all about to increase football pleasure. During the campaign, the first participant of every hour, between 13 pm and 20 pm, wins 1 year and the first participant of every minute wins 1 month subscription for Digiturk Ekosports package includes Lig TV, which is the sport channel that has the exclusive Super League football broadcasting rights for Turkey.
The other effective instant win prize of the campaign are Turkcell credits/air time. Besides all of these prizes, various of football mobile games, melodies and football players wallpapers are given away during the campaign.
In order to strengthen the campaign in each level, various B2B mobile campaigns were executed at the same time. Also, lots of text &win campaigns were executed at the retail stores and fast food restaurants for end consumers.
RESULT: Although the campaign still goes on, Pepsi has already beaten its own record. After the Pepsi Emoticons campaign with 8.5 million participation, Pepsi Football Pleasure campaign has already reached 9.5 million participation that neither a brand nor a text&win campaign in Turkey has been reached this participation number before.