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Reveal Mobile & inMarket Partner for "Mobile Location and The Tale of Retail ROI" Webinar

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Reveal Mobile
The use of mobile proximity targeting for retail customer acquisition grows in scale and sophistication each year. Techniques span from standard geofencing to complex campaigns that combine multiple location signals, such as lat/long, wifi, and beacons, as well as layering real-time and retargeting engagements.
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Using Beacons & Geofences to Create Location Based Mobile Audiences Boosts Campaign Performance

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Reveal Mobile
The digital sales team team at WRAL was already well versed in sophisticated advertising techniques and audience segmentation. However, they lacked specific tools to build location-based audiences on their mobile apps. With over fifty percent of their digital traffic coming via mobile, they partnered with Reveal Mobile to deliver a creative location-based targeting solution to their sales team and to their advertisers.
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Proximity Marketing in Sports & Events - Q2 Report

Key insights from the Report include: Proximity sensors deployed globally continue to grow fast * The amount of proximity sensors sees a large uptake in Q2 with an increase of 2,072,500 proximity sensors. * There are now 8,273,500 proximity sensors deployed globally registered by Proxbook members as of Q2 2016. * 6,061,500 of these sensors are beacons. 2,099,000 are NFC sensors and 113,000 Wi­Fi points. Since Q1 2016, there has been an impressive 33% increase in global sensors * The 6,061,500 beacons deployed by members of Proxbook, are aligned with ABI Research’s forecast of 8 million beacons by the end of 2016 and 400 million beacons deployed by 2020. Google invests heavily into proximity * Google bets big on proximity and wants the ecosystem to succeed.

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Proxbook Report

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JUICE Mobile CEO: Beacons Are The Gateway Drug To The Internet Of Things

In December, JUICE Mobile spun off its beacon network into a standalone ad tech company called Freckle IoT. Already the largest beacon network in the Canada marketplace, the company describes itself as “a testing ground for the activation of next-generation connected devices." The Toronto-based firm’s goal is to build a platform capable of talking to a variety of devices with the aim of driving store visits.