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We are thrilled to present our second report in collaboration with EY on the state of data maturity in business, unveiling key insights from over 100 companies.

October, 2023

Los hallazgos incluyen factores cruciales como mensajes optimizados, claridad de marca, planos abiertos y conexión humana para transmitir una narrativa exitosa.

Miami, 16 de Octubre- Teads, la plataforma global de medios, anunció los innovadores resultados de su estudio realizado en colaboración con Ipsos, enfocado en descifrar los elementos creativos clave que impulsan el éxito en campañas omnicanal de marcas de la industria automotriz.

Valiéndose de las avanzadas capacidades de inteligencia artificial de Ipsos y de técnicas de modeladoestadístico de vanguardia, Teads obtuvo insights reveladores que revolucionarán la forma en que se diseñan y optimizan los anuncios publicitarios de automóviles para lograr un impacto máximo.

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SMARTIES India 2023 - Attendee

We are elated as a team and I have to mention the MMA did a fabulous job of both the judging event and the grand finale. So congratulations to you all for putting together such a great event.

Consumer Experience Lead

SMARTIES India 2023 - Industry Award Winner

Winning Agency of the Year for two consecutive years showcases the groundbreaking work we do at Wavemaker India. It's a testament to the dedication and talent of our incredible teams who have poured their hearts in the work they do. We're incredibly thankful to our clients and partners who have made it all possible.

CEO, South Asia

SMARTIES India 2023 - Industry Award Winner

We’re delighted to receive the MMA SMARTIES India ‘Publisher of the Year’ industry award for the second year in a row. At Amazon Ads, we are customer-obsessed and we continue to work to improve our ad solutions, based on customer feedback. We look forward to helping more businesses of all sizes achieve their goals in 2024.

MMA India Board Member; Director, Amazon Ads India

SMARTIES India 2023 - Attendee

I take this opportunity to applaud and commend the entire team on a brilliant afternoon and evening. What a fest to have pulled off such a brilliant evening... Kudos to all MMA... Keep it going and thanks for inviting me over.

Principal Partner - Global Growth and Market Expansion


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