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En menos de un año, la gestión de Teads Latinoamérica a través de Saluda Media ha experimentado una notable expansión, que se ve reflejada en el aumento de colaboraciones con agencias, anunciantes y marcas, así como en el incremento de sus ingresos interanuales. 



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Fortaleciendo la destacada posición de liderazgo de Teads en la categoría de SPO, ahora  marcas y agencias pueden acceder a reportes de emisiones de carbono, asociados con la distribución de medios, selección de anuncios, distribución de creativos y las emisiones de los dispositivos del consumidor, para todas las nuevas campañas. 


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ABI Games Studio will tap on proprietary ad monetization and optimization solutions through AnyManager

AnyMind Group, a technology company for the business supply chain, has today announced a partnership with ABI Games Studio (ABI), a leading publisher in the mobile gaming industry in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, for advertising monetization and optimization solutions of ABI's mobile games. 

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MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - Attendee

The 3rd edition of MMA Data Unplugged delivered profound exploration of AI and ML, offering valuable insights into their potential future impact. The event provided in-depth analysis that enhanced an understanding of the dynamic landscape of these technologies. I eagerly anticipate future editions, hoping for continued enlightening perspectives on emerging trends in the field.

Marketing Lead

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Congratulations on such a wonderful & successful event with diverse opinions and backgrounds. It was great chatting with everyone and sharing our thoughts on AI.

Head of Data Science and AI
Hansa Cequity

MMA DATA Unplugged India | 3rd Edition - SPEAKER

Thank you MMA team for the lovely event and curating an amazing panel.

I had a great time and met some amazing people.

Vice President Of Global Business Development and Partnerships