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a/b testing

Learn how measuring the effectiveness of mobile messaging is critical to maximize mobile audience retention and engagement.
Download your free copy of The Mobile Messaging Opportunity by OtherLevels and discover three mobile measurement techniques that will help you fully unlock your mobile app’s full marketing potential:

     1. Action Analytics Measurement
     2. A/B Split Testing
     3. Message Retargeting

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SAN FRANSICO, January 9, 2013 - OtherLevels, a San Francisco and Brisbane, Australia provider of mobile messaging analytics and retargeting for push, SMS and mobile email marketers, has enhanced its messaging analytics platform to provide world-class, actionable business intelligence that increases mobile customer retention, engagement and conversions.

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SAN FRANCISCO – Globally-renowned game developer Halfbrick is joining forces with OtherLevels, a leader in analytics and retargeting for push, SMS and mobile email messaging, to maximize the value of its audience. Halfbrick is using OtherLevels’ analytics to boost engagement and monetization within its mobile apps by measuring push notifications in 13 languages, across 24 time zones.

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Back in 2010, even with all the recession-fueled belt-tightening, retailers were delighted to find that holiday sales had jumped 5.5% between early November and Christmas Eve.

That was the best news retailers could have gotten after widespread economic pain drove down end-of-year sales in the previous two holiday seasons. Sales during the 2011 holidays saw another bump, of 4.1%. And this year analysts are expecting yet another increase, to a record $568.1 billion.

When picturing the average gamer, you wouldn’t be blamed if that image depicts a geeky college-aged male with the latest gaming console and the greatest mobile gadgets – loaded with every imaginable app – all but surgically attached.

That image, though classic, would be inaccurate.

Marketing is both an art and a science. Nowhere is this more evident than in split testing—a scientific approach to the art of advertising.

Split (or A/B) testing is a tried and true method to optimize the strength of your marketing campaign. It’s a simple experiment: two approaches are measured against each other to determine which is most effective.

Traditional split testing can be impractical, expensive, and take months for conclusive results. With text message marketing, split tests can be run at a fraction of the cost and yield almost immediate results.