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Monday, May 13, 2019

8:00AM – 9:00AM

Thames Lounge

Registration & Networking Breakfast

9:00AM – 9:10AM

County Suite

Welcome Remarks

9:10AM – 9:40AM

How Starling Bank is Reinventing Banking

County Suite

How Starling Bank is Reinventing Banking

Starling Bank is a digital, mobile only award-winning challenger bank in the UK. In just 18 months they have acquired over 500k accounts and are expecting this to double to one million by the end of 2019. In this session, Helen Bierton, Head of Retail and SME Banking at Starling Bank shares how they have fueled their tremendous growth by competing on features, investing in their own technology platform, and opening their API to unbundle financial services and deliver innovative customer experiences. She will also share tips traditional marketers can learn from Starling's success.

Head of Retail and SME Banking
Starling Bank

9:40AM – 10:10AM

County Suite

EI > AI: How People Transformation Drives Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has already happened on the consumer end; however, the business end is drastically lagging behind. To catch up, forward-looking CMO’s must become Chief Mentoring Officers and encourage a new mindset and model that is focused on growth, entrepreneurship and innovation. In this session, Steve Axe Group Chief Marketing Officer at Nomad Foods shares his unique perspective on digital transformation centered around people first, technology second. Attendees will also see before and after examples of how their marketing campaigns evolved and helped them stay relevant with today’s connected consumers, and gain insights into what the marketing organization of the future will look like.​

Group CMO
Nomad Foods: The owner of Birds Eye, Findus, iglo, Aunt Bessie’s and Goodfella’s

10:10AM – 10:40AM

County Suite

What Does a Device Free Future Mean for Your Organisation?

The arrival of 5G in the next two to three years will have significant repercussions for the future of the mobile device. Mobile experiences will be much less tied to devices and services will become all about the customer experience and content and  not about how you access that service. Highlighting case studies and trends, hear Ismail Amla, Chief Growth Officer, Capita guide us through this deviceless future, what it will mean for our products, services and relationship with consumers, and the wider social implications it will have with our relationship with data, services and trust.

Chief Growth Officer

10:40AM – 10:50AM

Disruptor Series

County Suite

Disruptor Series: Seenit

The MMA’s Disruptor Series features companies that are disrupting their industry and how marketers will do business in the future. This interstitial features Seenit, whose mission is to empower people to tell the stories that matter the most. Learn how Seenit's mobile app and online video platform, is connecting companies such as Unilever, HSBC, Amazon and the BBC with their communities to create engaging, inclusive and multi-perspective stories. 

Founder & CEO

10:50AM – 11:15AM

Thames Lounge

Networking Break

11:15AM – 11:45AM

County Suite

From a blink, to an imprint, to a heartbeat - The Case for a First Second Strategy

How much time does an ad need to stay on a mobile screen in order to be seen? Do consumers process information differently in mobile compared to desktop? Can marketers boost attention and cognition of their advertising by increasing exposure time? The answers to these questions may surprise you. In this session the MMA, will present new findings from a ground-breaking neuroscience and eye-tracking study that was conducted to address these questions and will discuss its implications in terms of creative and media planning.

Managing Director, EMEA

11:45 AM – 12:15 PM

County Suite

People-Based Attribution: It's Evolution, Not Revolution

The promise of cross-device, cross-channel measurement and holistic attribution has been talked about for at least 10 years. However, with the reality of significant divide between user behavior and marketing measurement, it is clear that modern marketers still struggle to bridge the gap. This presentation covers the basics of holistic attribution and its currently expanding relationship with the measurement gap. Most importantly, we highlight how the previously "siloed" web and mobile worlds are coming together not as a radical revolution of attribution products, but rather, in the natural progression of our industry as it's been heading for years.

Managing Director, UK, France & MENA
In Partnership With:

12:15PM – 12:25PM

County Suite

Disruptor Series: Featurespace

The MMA’s Disruptor Series features companies that are disrupting their industry and the way marketers will do business in the future. This interstitial features Featurespace, the inventor of Adaptive Behavioural Analytics and the first company to apply AI to solving the problem of protecting companies and consumers from fraud attack. Their technology has been adopted by the finance, insurance and gaming industries. Learn how Featurespace understands consumer behaviour and how to protect your companies and consumers from attack.

12:30 PM – 1:00 PM

County Suite

Best-in-class Experiences in a Mobile-first World (Thames 2)

The modern consumer is more curious, impatient and demanding than ever. Hear first hand what Google is doing to help users across the globe and the impact this has on your business.  Louis will also share is teams learnings from working with 100s of brands across the UK, share how brands are using Google technology to improve their mobile offerings and some of the biggest challenges they face when meetings the needs for the modern consumer.

Head of Digital Experiences
Google UK
In Partnership With:

A Game Changer: How Deterministic Data Is Helping Brands Achieve Better Campaign ROI (Thames 1)

Deterministic data is considered the gold standard when it comes to reaching your target audience with the highest precision across channels and devices. In this session, Alex Mcilvenny - Country Manager UK will reveal how top brands like Unilever or Mercedes are achieving up to 500% better engagement rates on their advertising campaigns across digital and social channels - thanks to deterministic data.



Country Manager UK
In Partnership With:

1:00PM – 1:55PM

Thames Lounge

Networking Lunch Break

2:00PM – 2:05PM

County Suite

Afternoon Welcome Remarks from our MC

Lucy Hockings is a presenter on BBC World News. She anchors its daily flagship programme GMT, bringing audiences coverage of breaking news and events from across the globe and interviews with opinion leaders and influencers. Lucy has covered many of the major news events of the past decade – from the Asian tsunami in 2004 to the 2014 Gaza conflict and the ebola crisis. Over the years Lucy has interviewed numerous high-profile figures, from presidents and prime ministers to film stars and decision makers. She has anchored major European events on location, bringing live and breaking news from the very heart of the story.

2:05PM – 2:35PM

County Suite

Rethinking Data

Performance marketing was only the start. Data will become the driver of creativity across the entirety of the marketing funnel. Whilst the basics of marketing haven’t changed, innovation and new capabilities are accelerating the move from macro to micro. This requires rethinking across brand, media, content and collaboration in the ecosystem in order to drive maximum business benefit through marketing. In this session, Christina Huang, Executive Director, Head of Digital Marketing, Content and Media – Europe at Visa will talk about Visa’s approach.

Executive Director, Head of Digital Marketing, Content and Media - Europe

2:40PM – 3:10PM

Attention Unmasked (County Suite)

Pete Buckley, Communications Planner, Facebook explores the history of our increasingly short attention spans, and what it takes to create effective attention. How do you engage an audience in just two seconds? Is a second glance ever enough?

Communications Planner
In Partnership With:

12 Push Notification Tactics to Deliver Value for Customers (Thames 1)

Are your push notifications delivering enough value to your customers? Chances are they’re not, and this can significantly affect your brand. Explore how recency, frequency, real-time delivery, machine learning, and more, add to the success of your push messaging programs by delivering more relevance and value.  Previewing data from their upcoming “Push Customer Value Playbook for 2019”, Scollay Petry, VP Customer Strategy, Swrve will offer absolutely no fluff, just tried-and-tested mobile marketing techniques and ideas that will immediately add value to your brand’s mobile activation, engagement, retention, and sales programs. ​

VP Customer Strategy
In Partnership With:

RCS Messaging: The Next Generation of Mobile Engagement Has Arrived (Thames 2)

Mobile messaging is evolving and with it customer expectations and behavior. As a result, marketers need to continue to adapt and align themselves to the consumers’ needs, as they find/buy/learn/share/and receive information on their mobile devices. Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a new messaging technology that combines text with Rich Media content. In this session, Nick Millward, VP of Europe at mGage, will share how RCS is enabling brands to deliver powerful, engaging and conversational messages to their customers in a way they are familiar with and most importantly can trust.

VP Europe
In Partnership With:

3:10 PM – 3:25 PM

Thames Lounge

Networking Break

3:25PM – 4:05PM

Marketer Panel Session

County Suite

How Marketers Can Be Enlightened, Enabled and Empowered in Today’s Mobile World

Featuring senior marketers from the Financial Services, QSR and Telecommunications, attendees will hear how different industries are tackling today’s top marketing concerns from mobile and digital transformation within their organization, data strategy and attribution, creating the marketing organisation of the future, and brand safety and fraud. This fast-paced session will leave attendees with actionable insights and feeling empowered in today’s mobile world.

Interim CMO
Pret A Manger
Head of Marketing - UK, Northern and Eastern Europe
Brand & Marketing Director
General Manager - Digital
Journalist and Presenter
BBC World News

4:05PM – 4:35PM

County Suite

How Audi Turned Math into Magic

How Audi Turned Math into Magic

Audi had experienced remarkable growth since the early 2000s but then demand started softening. Audi had a simple goal, reverse this trend and recapture it’s Vorsrung spirit. However, in order to change, it first needed to understand. In this session Ben Shaw, Head of Strategy at BBH London will share how Audi turned to data to unlock growth, redefine the brand experience, and how data and maths has in fact fueled creativity. Anna will also give a peak at what’s next and how they are continuing to elevate the customer experience. 


Head of Strategy
BBH London

4:35PM – 5:05PM

Brand Safety from the Consumer Perspective

Marketers are rightly concerned about brand safety, particularly when it comes to digital advertising. However, what do consumers think about brand safety? Are they concerned? Do they even notice if a brand has content or advertising appearing in an unsafe place, adjacent to unsafe content, or in questionable channels? In this talk, Professor Andrew Stephen, the L’Oréal Professor of Marketing & Associate Dean of Research at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School, will share research he is working on with the MMA that addresses these questions and that will ultimately help marketers have a deeper understanding of the consumer side of brand safety.​

L'Oreal Professor of Marketing & Director of the Oxford Future of Marketing Initiative
Said Business School, University of Oxford

5:05PM – 5:10PM

County Suite

Closing Remarks

5:10PM – 6:00PM

Thames lounge

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