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How do I define and evolve my brand safety strategy?


With the rise in threats from fake news, inappropriate content, marketing tech, the digital supply chain, ad fraud and socially responsible consumers, marketers need a sound brand safety strategy to protect their brand’s image and reputation as well their media investment.

In support of these efforts, the MMA, in tandem with brand leaders, has created a Brand Safety Strategy Guide - An educational tool for marketers by marketers informed by peer best practices and designed to help marketers create a brand safety framework. Our vision is that you can use the Guide to deepen your knowledge of brand safety and suitability challenges, formulate proactive responses as new threats emerge while create a resilient infrastructure within your organization to deal with them. The Guide will help you do the following:

  • Create and implement a brand safety
  • Refine, adjust, and evolve an existing
  • Establish baselines, protocols, and gather lessons
  • Share best practices and actionable insights with your organization and team(s).

The Guide will demonstrate the benefit and organizational value of establishing and maintaining a proactive brand safety and suitability strategy, along with transparent communication and accountability among relevant stakeholders.

The Guide is the most details in terms of depth and breadth of content, includes practical worksheets, and was created by marketers for marketers, with the sole purpose of offering guidance and disseminating best practices for brand safety.


MMA Launched a 5 Session webinar series explaining the strategy guide with those who wrote it and leading experts in Brand Safety. Partners Include Twitter as the Brand Safety Advisor, and the Brand Safety Institute (BSI)*

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