[India Webinar] Fireside Chat: Swiggy and Zeotap Unpack Customer Intelligence | MMA

Thursday, May 28, 2020 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm IST

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83% of brands are still not able to make connections across consumer touchpoints and devices –without these connections, personalization remains a thing of the future. This won't get any easier with the cookie going away. Join Swiggy and Zeotap in a fireside chat about the future of identity resolution and customer intelligence and get some food for thought on the future of MarTech in India.


  • Demonstrate the power of enriched 1st party data to better understand your customers
  • Successfully transform from marketing based on past historical analysis to marketing based on predictive analysis
  • An in-depth fireside chat between Swiggy and Zeotap on today’s marketing challenges and martech that helps you to achieve customer intelligence
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MMA India Board Member; Country Head - India
MMA India
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