EMEA Video Podcast Series ''There is no New Normal" - Streaming Revolution: The Biggest Advertising Revolution in 2021 | MMA

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm GMT

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What the audio streaming revolution means for marketers!

Consumers around the world are cutting the cord to cable TV and migrating their viewing and spending habits to Connected TV. Sitting at the convergence of TV and mobile phones, CTVs offer an app ecosystem similar to those on mobile — meaning consumers can watch shows, play games, learn a new language, listen to music or stream their favourite exercise classes from their television.

More than half of brands moving budgets to connected TV at the expense of other media.

The world of Connected TV offers marketers a new and untapped advertising ecosystem, with the opportunity to build creative and custom ads. While many companies are investing heavily in Connected TV platforms, they often have no way of understanding what drives value.

Join our first session of 2021 with Gijsbert Pols, the lead product strategist of Adjust, as he explains the new platforms and measurement integrations for Connected TV to ensure that marketers can effectively measure their marketing success on
these new channels.

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