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53% of mobile web users in key emerging markets have used a mobile for finance activities

In emerging markets, formal banking only reaches a small percent of the population, compared with high penetration rate for mobile phones.  Low access to financial services and the fact that people in these markets tend to trust mobile brands more than banks, encourages them to use their device to carry out financial activities.


Mobile phones offer numerous benefits in emerging markets; they ensure the safety and security of money, make payments more convenient and promote M-Commerce opportunities for local entrepreneurs.  They also present opportunities for western companies looking to move into these markets, as well as learning’s for those who want to implement similar mobile finance models in developed markets.


8 best practice principles for creating a successful mobile survey


In just over a year, On Device Research has delivered one million surveys across 53 countries. To mark the milestone, we've analysed our data and put together a mobile research bible, with eight best practice principles as a guide for creating a successful mobile survey.

To highlight some of the findings:

Short and sweet: Shorter surveys yield the highest response. After 15 questions, the percentage of people who drop off per question doubles.