8 best practice principles for creating a successful mobile survey | MMA Global
April 23, 2012

In just over a year, On Device Research has delivered one million surveys across 53 countries. To mark the milestone, we've analysed our data and put together a mobile research bible, with eight best practice principles as a guide for creating a successful mobile survey.

To highlight some of the findings:

Short and sweet: Shorter surveys yield the highest response. After 15 questions, the percentage of people who drop off per question doubles.

Succinct questions: After a respondent has been exposed to a long question, the average UK drop off rate increases +4.8%, in India +6% versus a short question. So Twitter is right with a maximum 140 characters.

Incentives: Our research has shown the drop off rate in emerging markets depends on incentive rather than question difficulty. Incentives such as airtime transfer are ideal for rewarding respondents in these markets.

All-phone technology: In India, 80% of respondents use a feature phone. So our survey technology works on both feature phones & Smartphones.

Download the full research bible on Slideshare: www.slideshare.net/OnDevice/mobile-research-bible