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Top 10 Mobile Content Categories for Local Media

As each new quarter begins, we look back to our data to see what’s happening in the rear view mirror. We publish specific statistics about our product usage and advertising performance across our mobile apps and mobile websites.

Why Do We Do This?

1. We love seeing the data for ourselves.

2. We believe that sharing our data helps everyone in mobile make smarter decisions.

3. Our mission: Provide trusted content producers with the ability to earn revenue through

engaging mobile products, effective ad sales, and great service.

The data covered here represents usage across 7-10 million products.

Who is this report for?

- Digital executives seeking a greater understanding of the mobile audience.

- Local media professionals looking for mobile benchmarks.

- Sales executives needing additional data points from a trusted 3rd party source.

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Just one year after declaring the “year of mobile”, the
industry continues to accelerate at an exciting rate as brands and SMBs learn
the value of mobile advertising. Leading the charge in mobile’s continued
growth is the value found in local-mobile targeting. From big brands to local
businesses, mobile-local is making its way into advertising budgets in a big

targeted ads in mobile have shown success in multiple business categories,

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