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Featuring input from industry trailblazers, this is the most awaited and anticipated report to help marketing professionals strengthen their strategy to drive business growth in 2024. It covers topics such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Retail Media and the latest MarTech trends. The research in the report is backed by solid data and analyzed by experts to provide a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

November, 2023

Vibes, a 25-year-old marketing tech company founded in Chicago that was an early leader in using mobile messaging to reach and engage customers on behalf of major global brands, is now expanding its signature web-based campaign planning tool, the Vibes Platform, with artificial intelligence (AI) models trained on its vast trove of data.

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La plataforma global de medios omnicanal lanza un conjunto de soluciones que incluye Teads Conversions, una innovadora propuesta para la parte baja del funnel, Teads Data Suite impulsada por Inteligencia Contextual y Teads IA Creative Lab

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