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2023 Turkey–Syria Earthquake

On February 6th, the Southeastern part of Türkey was struck by two massive earthquakes (magnitude of 7.8 and 7.6) followed by multiple powerful aftershocks. The affected region covers ten cities and the north of Syria. It is a disaster of unprecedented scale. Thousands of buildings have collapsed; many roads, even airports and hospitals are severely damaged.


ArabyAds continues with strategic global expansion plans in 2023, opens a new tech hub in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to accelerate growth

The global ad-tech company aims to cater to the rising demands fueled by extensive digital disruption in the region.

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CDO Perspectives 2022 is a compilation of the results from 50 interviews conducted by professors from the University of Oxford, discussions by MMA’s Chief Digital Officer Board, plus a quantitative market research survey of more than 100 CDOs across more than 20 industries. This report provides CDOs insights into the capabilities and tools required to lead a successful digital transformation, the impact of the ongoing global pandemic on the CDO and digital transformation agenda, and, more importantly, how CDOs are shaping their organization’s culture and vision.
December, 2022

The Dubai headquartered ad-tech company looks to strengthen ad monetization capabilities where Imad would drive growth with  ThePubverse platform.

Dubai, Jan 9th, 2023: ArabyAds announced that it has further strengthened its leadership team with yet another key appointment of Imad Sarrouf, a seasoned ad-tech & digital media executive as CEO of  ThePubverse – ArabyAds’ publisher monetization platform.